Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Once Was Blind

I wasn't literally blind. I was blind to the fact that our plastic mini-blinds were awful! Blind isn't quite right, I knew they were, I was just turning a blind eye to them. Yeah, that is what I mean.

These were the blinds that came with the house that we have lived in for the last nine years.

They were mounded outside the window, which is not bad, but I wanted inside mounts. They were plastic, again, nothing wrong with that, but I wanted thicker slats and at least the look of wood.

They were broken in places because of the cat. Yes, that same orange cat in the picture! And they were DIRTY and wouldn't come clean without A LOT of work and MANY harsh chemicals!

We looked at Lowe's and Home Depot but they were all too long and our windows were 34 3/8 inches and not a full 35 inches. We were not sure if they would fit properly. I searched online and found what I wanted at Blind Chalet. They were the right length, the proper width (cut to order) and the same price as the box stores after a 30% discount including free shipping. They got here in about four days! They did come from Austin so it wasn't a far shipment.

I measured the window to the nearest 1/8 just like the company said. They said not to adjust for the bracket thickness, because they would take care of that before sending them. They got here and I put up the brackets then tried to put in the blinds and they would not fit! Ugh! I did exactly what they said.

Frankie was out looking for books, so I called him and told him they didn't fit. He said he would look at them when he got home. I took down the brackets, except for the one screw that I had stripped and waited.

He comes home, gets the stripped screw out, and puts back up the brackets all in about 10 minutes. It took me about 45 minutes to get the brackets up once. The screwdriver was heavy, I couldn't get the screws to go in straight, and even standing on a stool it was hard to reach. It was a pain! He comes in and zip, zip, zip, the brackets are up and the blinds fit snuggly in place.


We were going to go with a stained color but the white really goes the best in our living room. They are faux wood with 2 inch slats.

They are inside mount too with a crown valance to match! I really like them and think they look great!

Thank you Frankie for being my handyman! How about you go build a deck now? :)