Friday, March 19, 2010

A Small Section of The University of Texas in Austin

At the beginning of this week I got the privilege of travelling with my husband and his two cross-x debate team members to the University of Texas in Austin for the State debate tournament. We had a great time and the students did really well, top 8 in the state!

While there I, of course, took pictures. My camera is always with me! We only saw a small section of the University of Texas but there is always something to take a picture of!

The highlighted section is the only part we saw, which is called the south mall.
map of UT

We saw the Littlefield Memorial Fountain, which was built to commemorate WWII. In the background is the famous UT tower, which can be seen from all over campus and from several places in Austin.

littlefield memorial fountain and tower

Here are some close-ups of the fountain.

littlefield fountain8

littlefield fountain7

littlefield fountain3

littlefield fountain10

littlefield fountain6

littlefield fountain9

Looking south from the fountain you can see the capitol building.

capital framed

Near the fountain there are two food options.

one dollar

If that doesn't sound appetizing then you can try O's To Go. I always wondered where you could buy a vowel. I don't know about the others, but now I know where I can an O!

os to go

Walking around this area there are statues of men who helped shape early Texas.

Albert Sidney Johnston: A Texas general who also served and died as a Confederate general in the Civil War.

albert johnston

Robert E. Lee: Commander of the Confederate Army in the Civil War

robert e lee

James Stephen Hogg: The first native governor of Texas. He did have a daughter, unfortunately, named Ima, but it is an urban legend that he had another daughter named Ura.

He wasn't a small man...

james hogg side

james hogg front

Jefferson Davis: President of the Confederate Army in the Civil War

jefferson davis

Something for the ladies! ;)

jefferson davis backside

Near Jefferson Davis' statue there are bullet holes from the shooting that occurred at the UT tower on August 1, 1966.

bullet hole2

bullet hole1

Charles Whitman was a student at UT and on this day he decided to take the lives of 14 people, including his wife and mother. Ten of them he shot from the 29th floor observation deck of the UT tower. He was shot and killed that day by an Austin police officer.

This picture was taken while I was standing near the bullet holes. That is a long distance! The observation deck is level with the clock.

distance from tower to bullet holes

So as not to end this on a sad note, here are some lovely flowers that were blooming.

flower vine close

It was interesting to see the inside of the buildings. We were at one of the most prestigious colleges in Texas, but you could see that it was past it glory days in some buildings. Several of the rooms we were in were had no white boards, only chalk, but they did have the technology. So maybe they just skipped white boards all together and jumped to projectors and camera documents?


old door

Old mixed with new.

old and new

Here is the final picture I took as we pulled out of the parking lot to go home. Even if you are not a Texas fan you have to admit this is a cool picture!

hook 'em