Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mrs. Hinds Cussed In Math Class...Again

Honestly, it wasn't on purpose. It just happened, exactly like time.

I was trying to read a word problem to one of my Geometry classes and the noun ice chest was in the problem. I was reading too fast and I have a Texas twangy accent, so ice didn't come out very nicely. I am not going to elaborate on the mispronunciation, I think you can figure it out.

It might have been okay but I corrected myself quickly and then said something like, "Whoa!" I did hear one student say, "Watch it there, Mrs. Hinds!" We all laughed and moved on.

Two class periods later, I had my calculus class and stuck my foot in my mouth again! This symbol was written down: f(u). It is read f of u, but being lazy, I blurted out to a student f.u! All I wanted was for her to tell me what she got for f of u, but taking out one word makes it sounds so horrible!

I do not cuss, so when these things happen I get so embarrassed! The ice one wasn't too bad, but the f(u) one...ugh! I felt my face get red. I have got to be more careful!

At least we get some laughs in my classes! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Furniture Online, Who Knew?

When Frankie and I got married we had a sofa and a loveseat that we got at least third-hand. The sofa lasted for about 6 years until we found a softer couch on a freecycle website. It was ugly, but we had a slip cover to put on it. Then the slip cover started ripping. We gave in and finally decided to buy new furniture.

We looked and looked and looked. We couldn't find anything that wasn't overly expensive or that we both could agree on. One day I was on Facebook and saw an ad on the side for a website called Home Reserve. After doing research on the company and seeing what they had to say we decided to take the plunge and buy a sofa and a loveseat. They were at a price we could afford and we actually agreed on the style and color. There were several styles and even more colors to choose from!

So after a few weeks of waiting and constantly checking the UPS tracking website the boxes arrived! There were two boxes for the loveseat and two for the sofa.

The boxes

Frankie was gone to a tennis tournament so I dragged each 60 pound box into the house by myself. When I was done, I was breathing really hard! It was pathetic. I was trying to hurry so that I could get back to work. I had left at lunch to put them inside since it was suppose to rain. I made it back with a few minutes to spare.

After work, I decided to put the loveseat together. I sit on the loveseat so I had extra motivation to put it together. I moved the old loveseat into the kitchen and vacuumed where it had been sitting. Now I had a nice clean spot to work and to put the new loveseat.

Where it is going

I was very impressed with how well everything was labeled. I knew what was in each box and which box to open first.


Once I had the box opened, I was further impressed with the little extras Home Reserve sent. There was a small piece of sand paper in case I needed it. They also provided an extra screw and there was even a pair of gloves in the box!


Not only were the boxes labeled, but the wood could not have been clearer!

well labeled

They were even marked in the order you would use them! For instance, the piece above was used in the 5th step. It was great! The assembly was even easier than when I put up the mini-blinds.

The only tool it said you would need was a screwdriver, but I needed a hammer to knock a few things into place. I am wimpy, I guess.

step 1

It was extremely easy to put together. I did the loveseat on my own. Frankie just held the board once and help close one zipper later when putting on the covers. It took maybe 3 to 3.5 hours. I did stop and go to bed at one point, so I am not completely sure of the time frame. It went up fast. Here it is after step 3 of about 40, but that does include from start to I can sit on it now finish.

taking shape

Once the first half was done, I thought about going to bed, but I really wanted to finish, so onward I built! Here is the first half all done. It is a funky angle for the photo, but you get the idea.

first half done

The second half of the frame went together much know once you are a master carpenter and all...

frame together

I should have vacuumed before starting the cover part, but Frankie was asleep and I didn't want to wake him. I ended up picking little splinters out of the cushions. It doesn't look like the couch was going to be much of anything just looking at the frame, so on the covers must go!

putting on the cover

Just that little bit helped! I love the fabric! It looks like a twill, but is so soft like chenille. Frankie wasn't crazy about the armrest. They are foam with a split in the bottom that slides over a piece of board. I didn't mind. I think he will come to like them.

Under ever cushion there is storage space. It was one of the selling points that helped us decide to buy the sofas from Home Reserve.


Getting into the home stretch now. Pan seems happy so far.

pan seemed pleased

And finally.....


I am happy and find the loveseat quite comfortable!

Next, the sofa, but first we need to find a place for the old sofa until we can take it to the dump. Our house is just not that big!

Anybody need a loveseat or sofa and are willing to come pick it up? I got some you can have!