Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mrs. Hinds Cussed In Math Class...Again

Honestly, it wasn't on purpose. It just happened, exactly like time.

I was trying to read a word problem to one of my Geometry classes and the noun ice chest was in the problem. I was reading too fast and I have a Texas twangy accent, so ice didn't come out very nicely. I am not going to elaborate on the mispronunciation, I think you can figure it out.

It might have been okay but I corrected myself quickly and then said something like, "Whoa!" I did hear one student say, "Watch it there, Mrs. Hinds!" We all laughed and moved on.

Two class periods later, I had my calculus class and stuck my foot in my mouth again! This symbol was written down: f(u). It is read f of u, but being lazy, I blurted out to a student f.u! All I wanted was for her to tell me what she got for f of u, but taking out one word makes it sounds so horrible!

I do not cuss, so when these things happen I get so embarrassed! The ice one wasn't too bad, but the f(u) one...ugh! I felt my face get red. I have got to be more careful!

At least we get some laughs in my classes! :)