Friday, May 14, 2010

Seco: Spanish For Dry?

We had major rain today. It was so loud at one point that I was having to holler during first period in order to be heard over it! We really needed the rain though, so I am okay with the little inconveniences it imposed. I am hoping that this summer is not a repeat of the last one when it was in the 100's for days on end and bone dry.

There is a creek nearby called Seco creek.

Seco creek sign

Seco means dry in Spanish and the creek was given that name for a reason! Today after all the rain it was not muy seco!

Seco creek rising

I made a live action video! Stand by for the most excitement ever!

And just in case water over the road wasn't enough drama, we also had to watch out for mud!

mud on road sign

So people, please remember, if there is water OR mud on the road:

Turn Around, Don't Drown!!

And have a great day! :)