Thursday, June 10, 2010

What $40 Can Buy At A Thrift Store

I love going to thrift stores! Some may turn their noses up at them, but not me. You can find some of the coolest things, some of the oddest thing, and some of the cheapest things there. Here is an example of one of the coolest and oddest things I have seen so far. Did I mention that I love thrift stores?

thrift angel

Frankie and I drove to Austin, TX to go to some of the thrift stores there. Frankie looks for books and I just look for all kinds of things. This trip I spent $40, which is more than I usually spend, but I got a bunch of things. Here is a list of what I got for that amount.

  • 3 fiction books,
  • a Snoopy tote bag,
snoopy love
  • 2 resources to help me learn Greek,
  • a pair of slacks,
  • 3 pairs of fun socks,
  • 13 birthday cards that play music (Normally cost $5 each. I paid only $0.50 each!),
  • 3 different games for school (I am trying to find 10 Battleship games, I have 3 now.),

  • 6 blouses,
  • a light-weight dress jacket,
  • 2 funky bracelets,
  • a Christmas ornament that could not be passed up,
  • and finally a fun T-shirt that I have plans to reconstruct.
stays in Texas T-shirt

Shew! It was an *awesome* thrift trip! :)