Saturday, July 17, 2010

Delta Airlines Threw Away My Hair Mousse and Other Stories from Georgia

Story One: The Trip

My husband, our friend, his daughter and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia for a four day fun packed trip. I wanted to go because I have always wanted to go to Atlanta to see the Atlanta Braves play in their home stadium. I have seen them play twice in Houston, but it was Houston. I will watch the Braves play anywhere, but to see them play in Atlanta would be best, of course! Frankie likes the Braves to so Frankie and I wanted to go to use the trip as a way to celebrate our ten year anniversary (July 21st) and our friend wanted to go to pan for gold. So it worked out for everyone.

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The airport is in south Atlanta and our hotel was in north Atlanta, so through Atlanta we went. We were very hungry by this time and we kept seeing signs for Mrs. Winners Chicken and Biscuits. We figured it couldn't be too bad if there were so many of them, so we followed the signs to one. We were not disappointed! I was so hungry, I almost forgot to take a picture! There was more food on the plate at one time.

southern food

Continuing on our way north to the airport we past IT. The most beautiful sight, Turner Field. I got overly excited, but managed to NOT hyperventilate. I immediately posted on Facebook that we had just passed by it. I just had to share it with more than the three other people in the car. I should have called my momma!

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We arrived at the hotel, and I had a mission before the evenings end. You see, in Texas at Wal-Mart you can buy all kinds of things for the Dallas Cowboys, University of Texas, and Texas A&M, but you can very rarely if ever find Atlanta Braves paraphernalia. So my mission was to go to a Georgia Wal-Mart sports section. Boy, did I find it...shirts, hats, jerseys, pajamas, tote bags, purses, umbrellas, backpacks....all Atlanta Braves and this wasn't even the Braves Clubhouse Store. The prices were awesome too, because this WASN'T the Braves Clubhouse Store. The picture only shows a few of the shirts. I couldn't fit it all in!

braves shirts

I bought a Braves shirt and a pink tote bag with a huge Atlanta Braves "A" on it. There is no way I could have found that in Texas! Also while at Wal-Mart we picked up a few Georgia peaches. There were delicious! Mission accomplished plus a bonus!

GA peaches

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About an hour or so north of Atlanta there are several places to pan for gold. We hit all of them that we could find. We went to Dahlonega, Cleveland, and Helen, Georgia to pan for gold. Traveling to these places we would see this vine called Kudzu. It covered the trees completely. I read online how it covers cars and even houses.

kudzu vine take over

There is a pine tree under there! This is not even a very good example. The tallest trees were covered. It was crazy!

Also along the way we came across this store called Goats on the Roof in Helen, GA. It was a neat concept. If you look at the website be sure to check out the legend of the goats.

goats on the roof

Helen was just a strange town. In late 1960's the dying town decided to redecorate to look like a German town and the tourist business brought it back to life. It was pretty, but I have never heard of a town reinventing itself in quite this way.

helen GA

I didn't really know what to expect when panning for gold. I thought we would out in the blazing hot sun and squatting the entire time. I thought we would be digging in mud looking for what would turn out to be nothing. I was wrong on all accounts....thankfully!

All the places had shade and a place to sit. They had already dug up the dirt and put it in buckets. We just had to put the dirt in our pan and shift through it using a technique they showed us to find the gold.

frankie sassy patrick panning

At most of the places we didn't find large nuggets, but we did find flakes. They told us one flake was worth about $1. Our friend will be the one to sell it, so we will see what he can get. The picture shows a small flake. We did find bigger ones.

gold flake

One place we found small nuggets. The place we found it at said the biggest one would be worth around $50.

gold nugget

We did take it to a guy who has sold gold for over 50 years and he said it was not pure gold and therefore not worth much at all. But he didn't check the flakes, so again we will just have to wait and see. I personally wouldn't do it again. It wasn't enough of a return for the money put in, but it was a cool experience.

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I was so very excited to get to see the Atlanta Braves play IN Atlanta. On the drive to the stadium we saw the best billboard EVER!

braves billboard

We had the game to go to in the evening but in the morning we went for a tour of Turner field and the Braves Hall of Fame. It was awesome! I have some pictures to share.

Before the Olympics in Atlanta (1966-1996) the home of the Braves was Fulton County Stadium. When they built a stadium for the Olympics they knew it would be converted to the new stadium for the Braves. They kept the old wall of Fulton County Stadium and they marked in the now parking lot where the field had been. I was able to stand where many greats had stood including Hank Aaron!

me and the braves

They kept part of the fence where Hank Aaron hit his 715th homerun that beat Babe Ruth's record. I got a little choked up when I saw that. It was amazing to get to see this part of Braves history!

side view of hank aaron fence

Then we went in the gates of Turner field...

phil niekro

warren sphan

hank aaron

Home of the Braves, Land of the Free!

braves statue of liberty

Then we went in the museum.....

Terry Pendleton - My favorite player of all time!

pendelton jersey

The trunks they used when they had to travel by train.

top of trunk

1995 world series trophy

Then we toured the field.....

We got to see the field when no other people were there, which was amazing! We got information that we would not had known otherwise. We got to see the press box for the television and radio stations. We saw them painting the Braves tomahawk. That is not something they do everyday so it was a special event for me. We also got to go IN the dugout!

Field as seen from press box.

view from sportscasters booth

Coca-Cola cannons.

coke cannons

Retired Braves numbers - Coca-Cola bottle - Tomahawk Chop Chick-fil-a Cow

retired numbers coke bottle cow

Field as seen from dugout.

field ground level

In the dugout.

frankie and jennifer in dugout

Empty seats.

row of stadium seats

Painting the Tomahawk.

And finally we went to the game....

The Braves beat the Milwaukee Brewers 2 to 1. It was great! Here are some photos to end this priceless story.

Braves Mascot

sunsetting on game

proposal at game

101 year old fan

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Story Six: 1996 Olympics

Do you remember the Olympics that happened in 1996? I don't remember much about it except the bombing. We saw the original Olympic torch that Mohammad Ali lit. We saw it several times, once we drove right under it and then again from Turner field.

olympic rings and torch

olympic torch from turner field

We walked around Centennial Park downtown and found the Olympic rings that also serve as a water fountain. There were children everywhere cooling off in the water. About four times a day the water flows based on different songs. We didn't get to see that, but just see the water was cool. I was able to get a video. I wanted to get into that water so bad because it was so hot that day, but we had other places to go, so I moved on.

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Story Seven: The World of Coca-Cola

All over the world you can buy a Coca-Cola or a product by Coca-Cola, but there is only one Coca-Cola headquarter and that is in Atlanta, GA. Check out all of the Coca-Cola products. It was amazing and what I am sharing is a very small portion!

bottles representing countries

coke signs

coca cola products wall

There was only one part of the World of Coca-Cola that I didn't care for. They had what they were calling a 4D movie. It was 3D and then the seats moved, a small amount of water was squirted at us, and at one point we were poked in the back by something on the seat. It was not pleasant. I think kids would love it, the 14 year old that was with us did, but we three adults did not care for it.

So the worst part was the 4D movie, but the best part was getting to taste Coca-Cola products from all over the world. The best one to me, besides the ones we are use to, was a mint flavored one from Africa and the worst one was called Beverly from Italy. The Beverly drink was the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life! None of us liked it and I would compare it to bile. It was that nasty. Here are all the options they had in the tasting room called...

Beverages from around the world


Coca-Cola from Africa


Coca-Cola from Asia


Coca-Cola from Europe

Latin American

Coca-Cola from Latin American

And finally the familiar North American

Coca-Cola from North America

The World of Coca-Cola was really cool. I highly recommend it as a stop if you are in Atlanta. Be sure to drink enough of the Coca-Cola products to equal the price of the ticket! :) Just kidding....sort of....

After the Braves Museum and Turner Field Tour, after the World of Coca-Cola tour, and after the Olympic Centennial Park walk through, we went to the CNN Center for some free A/C! Did I mention it was hot?

cnn center

We didn't have enough time to take the tour, but just getting to see the inside was interesting. We ate in the food court and while there watched, what else but, CNN. We were in there when the news broke that the BP oil well had been successfully capped. That was an awesome experience. After that story President Obama came on and was talking.

One guy in the CNN Center apparently couldn't hear, so he stood up and yell, "Everybody shut-up! The President is talking!"

It was just a little frightening, because you just never know what will set a person off his rocker. Security was called on him and they talked to him and I believe they asked him to leave. They either asked him to go or he was going to leave anyways, but I am thinking they asked him to leave.

The only reason I wanted to go into the CNN Center was for this...

Braves Clubhouse store

Wahoo! I found an Atlanta Braves cover for my phone marked down from $20 to $5! Double Wahoo! Wahoo!

Our trip was good and things went smoothly. There was one small hiccup. On the way through security going home, my bag got searched. They pulled out my 6 ounce can of hair mousse and said I couldn't have it. They were going to have to throw it away or I could check the entire bag for $25. Hmmm.....let me see.....lose about $3 or $25....chunk that mess! :)

It concerned me slightly because I managed to get the hair mousse to Atlanta with no problem. San Antonio missed it or over looked it. Before going on the trip I checked the Delta website to see if it would be allowed. Here is what it said....

"Delta will accept personal care items, such as cologne and hairspray, if less than 16 ounces of each item and less than 70 ounces total without prior approval."

Then I check the TSA website and here is what it said....

"Prohibitted - Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)."

I think I should have been allowed to take it according to those two statements. But I didn't want to make a fuss and just wanted to get on the plane to go home, so again, chunk that mess!

So as not to end on a negative note here is my favorite picture from the entire trip. I am not sure what it is that draws me to it, but I just love it.

coca cola sign

I hope you enjoyed my stories! Feel free to comment.