Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wall Topic: Travel

We have decided to redecorate our bedroom. It was Asian themed and the colors were black, gray, and red. After we moved (a year and half ago!) we never put back up those decorations because we just knew we were going to paint the walls.

That never happened...

...and I was tired of looking at blank walls.

Blank wall

So we decided that on a new theme: Travel!

It is something we do a lot of and enjoy. Some people buy spoons, others shirts, and still others very expensive items for their homes. Me, I buy the cheapest possible souvenir...postcards! :)

I wanted to take the postcards, frame them and hang them in a group on one of the walls in the bedroom. We found some cheap (read cheaply made) 4" X 6" unfinished wooden frames at Ikea and bought 24 of them.

frames for travel wall

We figured we would use 24 of our favorite postcards for this project, but when we got home we found out that most of our postcards were 5" X 7"....well pooh.

So the next option was to pick 24 pictures I had taken from our travels and print them in the right size at Wal-mart. Even then they didn't really fit in these frames, hence the comment above about cheaply made.

I got the pictures in the frames with a little snip here and there but once done, decided that they needed something more. I thought about using my wood burning tool to write a title and the location of the photo on each frame. Then I thought about how long that would take and remembered the last time I used that wood burning tool on another project. Instantly my hand started to ache.... OK, not really but you get the idea.

I remembered seeing somewhere online, how someone used transfer iron-on paper on wood. I searched awhile online and saw some examples, so that was my next step. I printed off what I wanted and ironed those words onto the wood. It didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. There was some slipping and places that didn't transfer as easily as it should have. Overall the effect was acceptable, so I forgave the messed up ones and just called them the "rustic" ones. :)

Here is the wall no longer bare and a few close up of some of the photos as well.

Travel decoration

Close up of travel decoration

Another close up of travel decoration