Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Country Life: Sheriff Reports

I knew I lived in the country...

country life

...but it was really brought home recently when I picked up a copy of the local paper and was reading through the county sheriff report. There were, of course, thefts and general criminal mischief, including drugs. We aren't immune to that in the country, unfortunately. There were several stray dog reports, and even one cat problem.

But then there were the reports that you just might not see in a city report...

7/12 - 12:30 AM - Advised of two horses in the roadway.

7/12 - 5:07 PM - Wild stallion in their yard tearing up yard.

7/13 - 3:58 PM - Keeps hearing shots being fired

7/14 - 4:03 PM - Neighbors are burning constantly and the smoke keeps going into her house.

7/14 - 4:05 PM - Illegal tie in stealing electricity.

7/15 - 12:29 AM - Throwing bottles at a vehicle.

7/17 - 6:04 PM - Large pig running around the neighborhood tearing up yards and property.

7/19 - 4:02 PM - Loose bull.

7/19 - 6:37 PM - Theft of a saddle.

7/23 - 12:52 PM - Advised a small white horse in her yard.

On the last one, I wonder in exactly what matters she advised the horse. Self esteem issues about being small? Which flowers were not good for consumption? How to find the way home?

I guess I will never know.