Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cat Who Fell Out The Window

Our cat, Pan, loves to tear through the house. He gets these bursts of energy and just has to run! It is very funny to watch as he runs from one side of the house to the other, then makes a sharp u-turn using the carpet for traction, and finally runs back the other way. Sometimes he jumps up onto the window sills when he gets to one end and we alway say, "One of these days...".

Normally his running to the window is not a problem. Today, however, the weather was actually, finally, cool enough to have the windows open. Pan didn't realize that the screen was not as strong as the glass as he ran at full blast to the window sill. I was in the bedroom and saw what happened. One minute the cat was running toward the window and the next he was through the window outside as the screen fell out!

Scared me half to death! I yelled the cat's name and then yelled to Frankie, who was in the other room, that Pan fell through the window. We both crammed shoes on and rushed outside. It is, of course, dark outside! I started calling for him as soon as I got outside. I had to go around to the side of the house and I was just barely able to make him out. He was walking around and came to me. I was so relieved!

I picked him up and his little heart was just racing and his eyes were wide as saucers. I think he got as scared as I did! He didn't break the screen and we have tall grass outside that window so his fall was cushioned. Plus, it isn't really that high off the ground, maybe 4.5 feet.

All in all everything was fine. Since all was fine, I was able to think about what I had just witnessed. The cat running full blast, turning sideways to sit in the window sill, but instead flying right through the window. It was actually very funny to see!

Did his fright stop Pan from running at the window again? NO! But the next time he ran at the window (30 minutes later). I did notice him slow down a tad right before jumping up there! You just never know what Pan is going to do next!