Friday, October 29, 2010

Mice Mice Everywhere

This week started off with the cat catching a mouse in the house. He is doing his job and that part is fine. The part that doesn't work for me are the facts that he doesn't kill them and he brings them to me! It is our own fault that he does this. We have a cat that loves to play fetch and we only encourage this behavior since it is so darn cute! Since he doesn't kill the mice and he brings them to me, it freaks me out! I fear, not the actual mouse, but the fact that it might touch me! It might crawl on me! I don't know if that more irrational or not, but ugh!

So he caught the mouse and starts to bring it to me. Thank goodness Frankie was home. (There was one time he wasn't. That time I was walking out the door on my way to work when a cat, who has since passed away, caught the mouse and was in the process of killing it. I cried half the way to work because I let myself get so frenzied over it.) I go into the bedroom to get away from the cat with the mouse in his mouth. Pan, the cat, starts to come in there with me! I just start screaming at him over and over to get out! He knows what the means and didn't come in, but then he dropped the mouse and it ran under the couch. Frankie looked for it, but couldn't find it. I worried all night that Pan would get it again and bring it to me in bed in the middle of the night. *Shudder* I truly think my heart would have stopped completely. Then a couple of nights ago the cat re-caught the mouse (at least I hope it was the same one and there are not two). It was 2:30 in the morning and what woke me up was hearing the cat moving around beside the bed on my side and the squeaking of the mouse. Blah! I quickly woke Frankie up and turned on the light. I hustled into the kitchen and stood on a chair in the dark, while Frankie took care of the problem. There is at least one less mouse in the house and I am really hoping that means there are NONE!

Next! Today after the pep rally (joy and happiness),the junior high students come in my classroom and we get ready to start the lesson when all of the sudden one of them screams that there is a mouse! Before I know it there is massive chaos! Girls are standing on the desktops, boys are scrambling to get to where the mouse was to see it, I have my feet pulled off the floor, and everyone is LOUD! I let them sit on the desktops if they wanted and I got them semi-settled when the mouse stuck his head back out causing more screams and loud excitement. One girl even left the room temporarily. They are such a good group of kids, that I was able to get them slightly calmed down and we tried to learn about functions and graphs. That mouse would not stay under the bookcase! He kept jumping from the bottom shelf which is covered with material to hide all my manipulatives (fancy word for math toys) to the floor and back again. It was funny and frustrating all at the same time. I told the kids they I just had to get a picture of them all sitting on the desktops. It was priceless. I doubt they learned a thing today, but I tried!

There was a mouse.

As you can see I have three brave souls who kept their feet on the floor! I am proud of myself because I stood on the floor the entire class. (Mainly so I could move fast if I needed to!) It was an interesting class period, to say the least. I texted the maintenance man and told him there was a mouse. He came by after school and put down sticky traps. I begged him to please check them before I got to school on Monday, because if I walked in my room and saw a mouse stuck on that trap I would scream and then cry. I hate those sticky traps! A dead mouse is bad, a live mouse squeaking and crying trying to get loose or dying is horrifying! He promised he would and I trust him. Our school is surrounded by fields so we always have a mouse problem. He said he would add it to all the others he checks in the morning.

Finally, at least I hope, this evening at home, the cat was looking out the window when he suddenly started flicking his tail back and forth very quickly. That usually means he has seen another animal outside. I was thinking it was a cat, because I had just seen one chasing a rabbit, (have I mentioned we live in the country?) but no it was ANOTHER mouse!! A big fat one! It was probably pregnant....Ack!

This country life is going to kill me, with my heart stopping so often! Now when the cat starts running around playing with something, I am scared it is a mouse. When I hear a little scratching noise, I am scared it is a mouse. When I see the cat just staring at something, I am scared it is a mouse.

I have a feeling it is going to take several consecutive mouse free days to calm down!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jewelry For Math Nerds

I love jewelry made for math nerds, aka, me! A friend sent me a link to anamazing pi necklace from the Robert Christopher Company. It was gorgeous!

And then I saw the prices.

Sterling Siver - $345
18K Yellow Gold - $1725
18K Rose Gold - $1794
Platinum - $3898.50

Granted these are precious metals, but still! I can't afford that! Nor would I spend that much money on jewelry ever! So that lead to one conclusion, I should make my own version!

Here it is!

pi necklace

I didn't want the numbers to go all the way around. Using less beads make the numbers stay front and centered and it helped keep the cost reasonable. All together including shipping charges the necklace cost me under $15 to make. I can handle that number!

I found the number beads and the silver ball that is acting like a decimal on the Art Beads website, the pi bead on the Brightlings Beads website, and the plain necklace in the craft/jewelry section of Wal-Mart.

I love how it turned out and plan on wearing it often!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Royalty? I Think Not!

Plans are finalized and it is official. We are going to Dublin, Ireland for Christmas! But I am afraid there is a problem...

Ten years ago, when we were newlyweds and living in far west Texas, we decided to take a trip to the great east. We went all the way to San Antonio, Texas! Hey, for a couple of kids from west Texas, that was pretty exotic! I got on the dial-up Internet and book a hotel room for our stay. At church a few days later we were telling people about our upcoming trip and how I had so cleverly already booked a hotel for us ONLINE...oohhh ahhhh! One of the church members told us that there were much cheaper hotels to be found easily in San Antonio when we got there. She being older and wiser than my 24 year old self, took her advice and unbook our hotel room.

We get to San Antonio and find that there are several convictions going on with many hotels booked solid plus it was Spring break. This was pre-GPS, pre-internet capable phones, pre-anything useful. So we drove around asking where some cheaper hotels were. We managed to find one that fit our budget. It wasn't in a good neighborhood and there was a mirror on the ceiling. There were so many other little things that should have tipped us off to the fact that we shouldn't stay there. Like the guy at the bus stop who was trying to get out of gang life and offered me some of his 40. Nice guy! He told us how sometimes he reads the Bible, but he didn't want anyone else to know since it might ruin his reputation. I even discussed his tattoos with him to Frankie's horror. Like I said, signs, but we were young, naive, and from small towns. What did we know??

Now, I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Let my head hit a pillow and I am out! Frankie on the other hand doesn't sleep well in his own bed in his own house, so he was up most of the night. Come morning he wakes me up and tells me that he heard gunfire and we were not staying another night. We didn't. The name of the hotel...Royal Inn Motel.

Several years later we are driving back home from visiting family. It is late and we are tired and still hours from home. We told each other that the next hotel we saw we were stopping. We find one and get a room for the night. It isn't the best hotel, but it was clean-ish and we were tired. Frankie goes into the bathroom around midnight and sees used drug needles in the broken light fixture in the ceiling. We call the police and the front desk. The hotel returns our money, the cops come and take the drug paraphernalia away and we leave. The name of the hotel...Royal Inn.

After that we avoided all things Royal, especially hotels. So, here is the problem that we didn't realize until too late. The name of the hotel that we are staying at in Ireland...Royal Marina.

This has potential for disaster. ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Am Feeling Symbolic Today

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Need to clean the dust and cobwebs off the blog and write something!

I was able to take some pictures around our property today and they inspired me to creatively write. This is not something I do or really like to do. I am all about the cold hard facts. None of that wishy-washy symbolic stuff for me! But today some of the photos I capture awoke that little place inside of me that can and is willing to see the world as more than just black and white. So with no further ado, let's begin.


This is the photo that started the thinking process. I call it, "Determination". It is the middle of October, winter's approach is near and the earth is dry and cracking, but this plant is determined to grow. He will defeat the odds!

death of queen sunflower

Next, there was this photo. I call it, "The Death". The queen holds her head high while others bow their head in mourning at the death of summer.

bright sunflower

Coming back into my normal realm of thinking, I call this one, "The Sun(flower)set". No symbolic story to tell, I just thought it was delightful to look at!

perpendicular dogs

And finally, completely back into my realm of no gray areas, I found my dogs sleeping in a perpendicular setup. I thought it was completely hilarious and plan on showing it to my math kids the next time we talk about perpendicular lines. (A refresher, just in case you need it: Perpendicular lines intersect to form 90 degree angles.)

Yeap, this little blog ran out all my creative writing possibilities for now. Hope you enjoy!