Friday, October 15, 2010

I Am Feeling Symbolic Today

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Need to clean the dust and cobwebs off the blog and write something!

I was able to take some pictures around our property today and they inspired me to creatively write. This is not something I do or really like to do. I am all about the cold hard facts. None of that wishy-washy symbolic stuff for me! But today some of the photos I capture awoke that little place inside of me that can and is willing to see the world as more than just black and white. So with no further ado, let's begin.


This is the photo that started the thinking process. I call it, "Determination". It is the middle of October, winter's approach is near and the earth is dry and cracking, but this plant is determined to grow. He will defeat the odds!

death of queen sunflower

Next, there was this photo. I call it, "The Death". The queen holds her head high while others bow their head in mourning at the death of summer.

bright sunflower

Coming back into my normal realm of thinking, I call this one, "The Sun(flower)set". No symbolic story to tell, I just thought it was delightful to look at!

perpendicular dogs

And finally, completely back into my realm of no gray areas, I found my dogs sleeping in a perpendicular setup. I thought it was completely hilarious and plan on showing it to my math kids the next time we talk about perpendicular lines. (A refresher, just in case you need it: Perpendicular lines intersect to form 90 degree angles.)

Yeap, this little blog ran out all my creative writing possibilities for now. Hope you enjoy!