Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jewelry For Math Nerds

I love jewelry made for math nerds, aka, me! A friend sent me a link to anamazing pi necklace from the Robert Christopher Company. It was gorgeous!

And then I saw the prices.

Sterling Siver - $345
18K Yellow Gold - $1725
18K Rose Gold - $1794
Platinum - $3898.50

Granted these are precious metals, but still! I can't afford that! Nor would I spend that much money on jewelry ever! So that lead to one conclusion, I should make my own version!

Here it is!

pi necklace

I didn't want the numbers to go all the way around. Using less beads make the numbers stay front and centered and it helped keep the cost reasonable. All together including shipping charges the necklace cost me under $15 to make. I can handle that number!

I found the number beads and the silver ball that is acting like a decimal on the Art Beads website, the pi bead on the Brightlings Beads website, and the plain necklace in the craft/jewelry section of Wal-Mart.

I love how it turned out and plan on wearing it often!