Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Forget Tigers and Lions and Bears

Awh, Texas country living! There is nothing like it. No, really, there can't be!

This summer was so dry and hot, but that my friends does not kill the ticks. So we had tick problems. Last year it was fleas. I don't know which is worse. We finally get them all eradicated and then....

...we start having mice issues. Since my last post, I would say that we have killed over 50 mice. I hate killing them! Well, let's get real, I have nothing to do with it. My husband takes care of it all. Thank you, Frankie! I have a phobia of touching them, no matter how cute they really are!

We have filled every little nook and cranny we can find with Great Stuff and steel wool. We have put moth balls under the house. We have these electric sound makers that are suppose to keep them away. We have all the floor vents covered with books. We have set trap after trap after trap and still they are coming in somewhere! We haven't figured it out, but now we are having another problem, it seems.

For the last two evenings in a row we have had a skunk prowling around and even coming up on the front porch! We first saw it when the cat ran to the window and started acting even more goofy than normal. So we looked and there he was just poking around looking for food. Our house became the quietest house EVER! We were so scared we would scare it! I do NOT want to smell that mess for days on end even if he is a cutie patootie! (Cuter than the mice, even!)

If you have never smelled a skunk's spray it is not something I recommend. It is the foulest smell and it lingers for DAYS and travels for MILES! I feel so sorry for anyone who hits one with their car. Ugh! Just passing them dead on the road is bad enough!

Come to find out though, it takes a little more that a small fright to make them spray. Not that I plan on seeing just how far a skunk can be pushed to it is spray limit! I also found out that they are not just herbivores. They eat mice! So now I have a dilemma. Encourage the skunk to stick around to help with the mice or deal with the mice and figure out how to make the skunk go!

I have no fear of tigers and lions and bears, my issues are ticks and mice and skunks. Oh my! Why can't the armadillo that was here a few months ago just come back? He is cute in his own special way and harmless!

Like I said, Texas country living at its best!