Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dublin Ireland - Christmas Day

Since all public transportation stops running on Christmas day, we used the day to catch up on sleep and to just BE in Ireland. We slept late. We ate the groceries bought from the store a few days earlier. Later that afternoon, Angie and I took a walk around Dun Laoghaire, a suburb of Dublin where our hotel was. Frankie stayed at the hotel and napped/watched TV.

It was a very pretty day despite the cold. Dun Laoghaire is one of the main seaports of Ireland and there are two long piers (about a mile long each).

dun laoghaire map

We walked along the East Pier and the colors were AMAZING as the sun set. Let me share the pictures with you.

cross sculptor

fence line at the irish sea
More Shamrocks!

southern dublin and snow covered rocks
Looking south towards the suburb of Sandycove.

church towers in the fading sunset
Dun Laoghaire church towers in the setting sun.

light house
We made it to the end where the lighthouse is.

angie and jennifer
Angie and Me. We had a great walk!

After our walk we went back to the hotel. We had been gone about an hour and Frankie was getting a little worried. He said he was going to drink a latte first, he was really worried, and then go out to look for us.

We ate some sandwiches from the hotel for supper as we set in the lobby and played cards. That rounded out our Christmas day and I found it an enjoyable one.