Monday, January 17, 2011

Dublin Ireland - Christmas Eve

Most attractions were closed today, but we had a few options, so we headed to the city center. I wanted to see the Oscar Wilde statue and it was on the way to the Natural History museum, so that was our first mission. I wanted to see this statue because it was not like any statue I had seen before. See for yourself.

Oscar Wilde in snow

Besides the snow, which is unusual for Dublin, how many statue have you seen lounging on a rock? I love it! Also along our way to the museum, we saw the famous Georgian doors of Dublin. The colors were amazing! My personal favorite was the yellow one, naturally, since that is my favorite color.

yellow door

Had that been a nine (my favorite number) on the door instead of a fourteen, I would have taken that door off its hinges and taken it right on home with me. Yes, I would have! I mean, the door handle is even in the middle of the door!! Come on! It doesn't get better than that! There were other doors and it was just so cool to see them all with their bright colors.

pink door

colored doors

Continuing on we made it to the Natural History museum and had a whole 15 minutes to look around until closing, because they close early on Christmas Eve, you see. Ugh! The guy working there was nice enough to tell us that the best stuff was on the second floor. We walked up the stairs, opened the door, and saw a room FULL of taxidermy animals. It was neat, I wish we could have seen more. Here is a quick preview of one of the animals. Enjoy!

natural history-elephant behind

Ha! Ha! I just made you look at an elephant's behind!

Back outside I got a closer look at the fence surrounding the museum. There were shamrocks embedded throughout the architecture of Dublin. The fence was no exception.

shamrock fence

After the museum we walked down Grafton street which is a pedestrian only shopping area. On Christmas Eve it was very crowded and there were many people buying bouquets of flowers. I guess that is what you do on Christmas Eve in Dublin. *shrug*

Grafton street is also the place to see bunkers (street musicians). We saw the band
The Riptide Movement playing on the street and ended up buying a CD from them. It was their latest album called, "Hot Tramp". Um, yeah. There were a few good songs, and a few bad songs. I burned the ones I liked for my iPhone and the CD will go in the travel memory box.

It was after this that we saw THE icon of Ireland! A leprechaun!! It was very exciting. So exciting that I even paid one whole Euro to get my picture taken with him.

jennifer and the leprechaun

Frankie saw the leprechaun and BEGGED me to take a picture with it. Before we left to go to Dublin, Frankie's big joke was that they may not let me leave Ireland since I would be considered a national treasure, meaning because I am short, like a leprechaun, I couldn't leave the country. He told everyone this joke. I finally asked him to stop, and he did, because he is a good guy after all. Sadly, even the leprechaun was taller than me, after all.

Right behind the leprechaun was the statue of Molly Malone. This was one of the other statues I wanted to make sure to see while in Dublin.

molly malone on a good day

molly malones behind

There is a song called Molly Malone and it became one of the songs of Dublin. She was a fictional fishmonger (a fish seller) who died of a fever. The lyrics are here and below is the song sung by the Dubliners. I personally like to hear it a little more peppy, but that is true of just about any song.

Since we knew attractions were closed we just walked around the city center to finish out our day. Today was the first day of NO snow and the sun shined all day...well until about 4:15 when it sets in the winter. Here are a few of things we saw.

look left

I had been waiting the entire trip for the snow to melt so that I could see the "Look Left" on the road. They drive on the left side of the road and to make sure that tourist don't get run over they have this on the roads. It didn't help me though. I never knew which direction the cars were coming from. I just waited for others to start going.

true irish-trinity college

As we were walking by Trinity College I stopped and took this picture. If you look closely at the picture above you can see that college is college no matter what country you are in.


Where is the craic at? While we didn't hear anybody actually say it we did see a sign for it.

After wondering around we went back to Dun Laoghaire where the hotel was. We finished our day with the worst meal ever at Miami Cafe. I ordered the special chicken, and let me tell you what, it was special for all the wrong reasons. It was a previous frozen breaded piece of chicken on a hamburger bun with cheese that they didn't even bother to heat up enough to melt it. Frankie got the fish and chips and after having really good fish and chips at Beshoff it would be hard to call any other good. But it was definitely not hard to call the fish and chips at Miami Cafe bad!

I guess it had to happen sometime, that we had a bad meal on our trip, but I was hoping we would avoid it. Oh well, we made up for the next day, but that is another post for another day.