Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dublin Ireland - Going to the Grocery Store

Since everything, and I do mean everything (even the public transportation), closes on Christmas day we made a trip to the grocery store a priority on the 23rd! Things close early on the 24th too. Angie and I went while Frankie swam at the hotel. I still feel slightly awkward taking pictures in a grocery store, but no one has every said anything to me, so I click away!

We found out that we can buy Lavazza coffee at stores in Dublin. We love that coffee ever since we went to Rome. We can't buy it in stores in America, but we can buy it on We were super excited about being able to get some cheaper to take home. Guess what....we forget to get it! Such is life.

Back to the store and the things we saw. There wasn't anything special about this grocery store, but I did see something there that I have never ever ever seen in my life!


This my friends, is not an escalator, it is not a moving sidewalk, oh no! It is a travelator! How cool is that? Angie and I rode it up and then down, just to say we had been on a travelator. They had a parking garage with access on the second floor so you could take your grocery cart up there to your car and not have to try to drag all your groceries up to your car by hand.

Fishmonger! I had to look this up just to make sure what it means a person who sell fish, like the legendary Molly Malone who I will talk about in a later post.


I LOVE going to the grocery store in foreign cities. I like see what is the same and what is oh so different from America. I like to think about how if I lived there would I be able to survive on what is available. The big question is, are there supplies available to make Mexican food. I don't want to live any place where I cannot have access to at least tortillas! I am too addicted!

There was a small, and I do mean small section of "Mexican" food.

ole el paso

Although, I have never seen nachos in a would do in a crisis, I suppose. :)

I mentioned in my first post about our trip how the Irish love their potato chips. At this store they had one and half aisle dedicated to them! We did see a few Doritos, but for the most part it was all potato me....crisps!

One of the interesting things was the fact that all the chips were in individual packages inside the bigger bag. The other interesting fact were the flavors, there were some VERY different ones. Here are some of the different brands and flavors we saw.

buy me im irish
Tay-To's - Buy them, they're Irish!

prawn cocktail flavored potato chips
Walker's Prawn(Shrimp) Cocktail flavor crisps.

pigs in a blanket flavored pringles
Pringles' Pigs in Blankets anyone?

We did see other products that had nothing to do with potatoes. Not that I wanted any of them.

mushy peas thanks...

oxtail soup base
An even bigger NO!

Now on to the condiments.


Have you heard of powered mustard? I tried the original English mustard at a restaurant and did not like it. It had a spicy kick to it. I don't like hot mustard and when you are expecting regular (read that American) mustard and get the other kind it really tends to turn you away from it.

I found a new condiment that I just fell in love with! Fruity Brown Sauce!

fruity brown sauce

I liked it so much that I found a recipe online and made a small batch once we got back home. It uses malt vinegar and made the whole house smell for almost a week, but it tasted oh so good!

We can't talk about food in a foreign country without wondering about the sweets. There were many products that are available in America and many that aren't, but I am not sure where this one fits in.

Irish favorite-USA

Here are some that I have never seen.

chocolate limes-Irish cany

jelly babies

I have seen gummy worms, bears, bugs, LifeSavers, etc., but never babies! Here is what they looked like out of the package.

jelly babies up close

Seeing them was even more disturbing, but man they were good. They were softer than the gummy candies we can get here, which is probably why they were covered in powered sugar to keep them from sticking together.

I have saved the best for last. I will just explain what is on there and you come up with your own conclusions about it.

cats and dogs tp

The ones with the puppies say, "Puppies on a roll". The ones with the kittens say, "Softer than ever". Then beside both of them on the right are lint rollers (aka pet hair removers). : /

You just never know what you are going to find at grocery store! Stay tuned for more of our trip to Dublin.