Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures in Wal-Mart

The dogs were down to eating cat food and I was afraid we would be next if I didn't go to the grocery store. So after work today I headed to town to the local Wal-Mart.

I first stopped and ate at the Subway located in the Wal-Mart. A couple walked in with three kids and one of them was around three. I heard him before I saw him. He was bouncing all over the place loudly saying that he wanted everything he laid his eyes on. The adults with him did not look at him.

He walked outside the Subway and into Wal-Mart just wandering. The adults with him did not look at him.

They proceeded to order. The kid figured out a way to grab a cup from the counter and went to the slushy machine. He couldn't reach so he started yelling that he wanted it. The adults with him did not look at him.

He got a chair and pushed it over the slushy machine and pulled the lever to put slushy in his cup. Drank some, jumped down, and then jumped back up to get more. The adults with him did not look at him.

Finally, the woman looked at him and started griping at him for doing something he wasn't suppose to be doing. Simply amazing.... Thankfully, they got their food to go!

After eating I was off to buy groceries. I had to get dog food and we have two larger dogs so I have to get the biggest bag. 48 pounds of dog food that is! Which I can lift and put in the basket by myself, thank you very much! This super large bag of dog food comes into play later.

Do you know where the tartar sauce is at Wal-Mart? I thought I did and when I went to get it, I couldn't find it for nothing. I even ask some random lady in the same aisle as me if she knew. We both thought it was in the area where we were, but we couldn't find it. Finally, I saw one brand of one kind of tartar sauce that was pushed back on the top shelf. I am only 5 foot 1 inch and I couldn't reach it. The lady was maybe an inch or two taller than me and she tried to reach it for me but couldn't get it. Another lady turned onto the aisle and I asked her. She was an inch or two taller than the other woman. She stretched and was barely able to get it, but she did! By the way, the tartar sauce is in with the ketchup and such.

Everything was moving along smoothly until I reached the vegetable/fruit area. I managed to push my basket right into a display of seasonings. They all fell to the floor, but thankfully they were all plastic bottles. Shew! I picked them up and a lady was standing near by. I thought she was coming over to help, but no. She just got her potatoes and left. Oh well, it wasn't too bad to pick up and luckily there were not that many people around.

After getting all my groceries some how into one basket (I really don't know how I did it!), I went to check out. I had most of the items out when all of the sudden I felt something wet and sticky all over the things in my basket. YUCK!

I found out the liquid laundry detergent had leaked. I had detergent under my basket and on several items in my basket. I asked my cashier if she had any paper towels and she did. She called someone over to clean it off the floor. Someone else also went and got me another bottle of the detergent when I asked since I had no idea how much had spilled out. I probably left a trail of detergent drippings up and down every aisle!

The cashier is ringing up my groceries and asks if I want two baskets. The first one was getting full. Remember the dog food? Yeah, that was half of the silly basket! I didn't really want two since I have enough trouble steering one, but they said some one would help me if I got another one. So I relented. That was the first time that had happened, but at least I know I will not have to go back for awhile!

From driving to the store and then returning home and putting everything up it took me a whopping 3 and a half hours to do everything! But it is done and now I can go to bed knowing there will be food to eat. God has blessed me. :)