Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crossing The Curriculum

I decided to branch out of my mathematics box and put a bonus on all the finals for all my classes as this:

"Write a haiku about math. A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has three lines. The first line contains five syllables, the second contains seven syllables and the third contains five syllables. You can earn 5 bonus points for writing a haiku and 10 points for writing an outstanding one. I am the judge of outstanding."

Out of about 50 kids who took one of my finals (7th grade - 12th grade) there were nine who tried and did it correctly. Correctly just means followed the above instructions. I was somewhat disappointed there were not more, but I think the kids were just ready to get out of there!

Before I share the haiku poetry, here were two responses that I wasn't expecting:

High School Unexpected Response

I don't know what syllables are. :(

Jr. High Student Unexpected Response

I would do this but I have learned in ELA this year that poetry is NOT my thing!

Now on with the poetry! (Which by the way, aren't my thing either, but I thought this would be fun.)

High School Responses

Math is really GREAT
With all of its crazy shapes
And numbers so high!

Math might be stupid
But it is still very fun
That is all I have

Mathematics is
Really fun when you answer
Questions easily

Math is really hard
But it can also be fun
Math is fun? Yeah right!

Jr. High School Responses

Math is really cool
I love math it is the best
You make math awesome

Math is very cool
It is my favorite subject
I think math is fun

Numbers here and there
So many answers to write
My brain is busy

My oh my it's math
It's taking me in its wrath
But I still like math

The last one I am going to share is the only one I judged to be worth 10 points. It was different from the run of the mill and turned out to be my favorite. It is from a Jr. High student.

Math is like summer
You add the sums of numbers
Gentle as flowers

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nature Over Runs The School

Six more days of school!!! Oh wait, that is not what I was going to talk about.

Today I looked out my window at school to see a member of administration standing there staring seemingly at nothing. I stuck my head out the door (most of our doors open towards the outside since we have no hallways) to ask him what he was doing.

He said there was a swarm of bees on the tree. I had to see it so I just walked out the classroom and left my high schoolers working on a review for the final. (I wouldn't have done that if I didn't trust them!) I did go back to my room and after the bell rang, I went back out during my conference to take pictures.

Bee Swarm at School

It was amazing and massive! I had never seen anything like it! The administrator has a depth of knowledge of nature things. He said that was all bees, nothing else. They were all covering the queen. They were not going to be there permanently, and could be gone overnight or in a few minutes.

The administrator and head of maintenance sat out there for over an hour watching it to see what would happen. They had to since there were students around and one of them could get stung and be allergic. It was a safety issue. I will have to see if they are there tomorrow.

As I was going back to my room, I saw a birds nest. Nothing really special about except for the location.

Bird Nest at School

That is right by the bell! I can tell you from multiple experiences that the bell is not a soft one. The birds have to be deaf! There is no way that is a hospitable environment to raise babies! I am going to report it to the BBPS (Baby Bird Protection Service).

And if those two things were not enough, as I was walking out my door to go to the office there was bat heading straight for me! The administrator and head of maintenance were still out there and thought that was the funniest thing to hear me squeal and hustle to shut my door!


The bat finally flew off after the head of maintenance started chasing it around with two sticks.

Country living at its best! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Call 911!

Frankie and I were coming home from San Antonio after dark tonight when suddenly Frankie said, "What is that?"

He slammed on the brakes and swerved to miss a car that had been mangled in a wreck and was still in the road. Our tires squealed and he almost side swiped a car coming up behind us. He saw some lights in the road and thought it was teenagers goofing around and then as we came up to the wreck way too fast all he could do was swerve.

I looked up when he said, "What is that?" and all I could see was a car that was now in the shape of a ball. Frankie pulled over immediately and we took a second to process what had just happened then he got out and told me to call 911. It was a strange feeling actually dialing that number. This is the second time I have had to call it. The first time a car drove through our front yard and amazingly missed two trees, a water meter, and was fine.

This time I dialed it and it took what felt like an eternity to start ringing although it was probably only a minute or two. I am sure my phone was trying to figure out where I was so that it could call the local emergency station.

Finally it started ringing and a lady answered and said, "County 911. Are you calling about a roll over?"

I told her yes and she said thank you and hung up. I wasn't even sure if it was a roll over, the car didn't look upside down, it looked like a ball! A minute or so later many police cars and ambulances started showing up. By this time I was crying and praying. I stayed calm while I was calling 911, but after that I started thinking about all that happened.

I cried and prayed for the people in the possible fatal wreck. I cried and prayed that no one would hit the car in the road and be in a possible fatal wreck. I cried and prayed because if Frankie had not been paying attention we would have been in a possible fatal wreck. I cried and prayed that Frankie would be safe while he was out there rendering aid.

I calmed down then I saw Frankie heading back to the car and it made me start crying all over again. It was very intense and I can't imagine what the people who actually were involved in the wreck were going through. I am still praying for them.

Frankie said that there was a truck in the ditch upside down, the balled up car in the road and possible another car on the other side of the road. He wasn't sure there was too much commotion. We were one of the firsts one at the scene. There were other people there, but we are still not sure where they came from. Frankie had gone to the truck that was upside down praying it wasn't someone he knew and that it wasn't too bad. He used to be an EMT so he does know some things. He knows more than me about things like this, that is for sure.

The truck had one lady in it and she had somehow come halfway through the back windshield facing the ground. She was talking/crying and moving her head around. Frankie checked the scene around the truck to make sure it was safe and that the truck wasn't going to move anymore. He crawled halfway under the upside truck bed and talked to her trying to calm her down. She was begging him to pull her out, but even I know not to do that! When the EMT arrived he came back to the car. He did an amazing job with keeping us safe when driving and trying to help others. I am so proud of him!

With nothing left for us to do we continued on our way home. Shaken, but safe.

Please my friends, be careful out there! Accidents happen in the blink of an eye!