Friday, June 3, 2011

And Summer Begins

One of the very nice perks of being a public school teacher is having two and half months off in the summer. Frankie and I took advantage of this fact and planned a short trip to Corpus Christi. It actually had a two part purpose as most of our trips now do:

1) look for books to sell
2) go to places to go to places to see the sights along the way

Here are some of the sights we saw on our way to Corpus.

Leaning Telephone wires

Who needs just one leaning tower like Pisa has, when you can have a whole row of leaning telephone poles? Take that Italy! (No, no, Italy I am just kidding! I love you. Please don't be mad.)

HUGE Squirrel

This is, hands down, the largest squirrel I have seen, fake OR real!

Flea Market Resturant

While this sounds gross it is no where near as gross as one thing we did see when we actually got to Corpus. There was a man sitting at a bus stop. He was picking at the back of his head and then proceeded to eat whatever it was he picked off. In one fleeting moment as we drove by we went from hungry for lunch to never wanting to eat again!

Moving on...please!

As we got near the town of Taft we started to see all of these wind turbines. It wasn't just a few either, I am talking 50 to 60 and that was just what we could see from the road. I don't know if you have ever seen one of the blades being transported by a big rig on the highway, but these things are massive!

Wind Generator-compare size

Look at just the blade compared to...well anything else in that picture that is normal size! I looked it up and the blade alone is 153 feet long! The entire turbine is 415 feet tall!

Wind Generator in the Field

Look at that a wind farm on a real farm!

Wind Generator

I think they are beautiful. We pulled off the road to get a better look at them. This is the closest I have been to one. They made very little noise and were peaceful to watch. Now, I want one. I will talk to Frankie about it. ;)

****Warning: Math coming up next!****

Pi Square

I mean, how awesome is this? I love finding math references in the most unlikely places. This is in Corpus Christi at the corner of South Padre Island Drive & Kostoryz.

After three hours of travel and even more hours of book looking we finally made it to the beach.

Beach Shadow

No, really, that is us!

June 2011

See! (This is assuming you knew what we looked like to begin with! Ha!)

Going to the beach in the middle of the week in the evening is nice! There were hardly any people there. It wasn't as hot. The sun setting is beautiful and there seemed to be more wildlife around as well.

Speaking of wildlife, we saw this sign which cracked me up.

If you get stung

I mean who carries around those things?? What do you do if the Visitor Center is closed and you don't have those items? They need to expand the sign, because I know I wouldn't have a clue. I don't think that sitting down and crying would help either...

I didn't see any jellyfish, thankfully, because I didn't have any meat tenderizer or vinegar! I did see crabs. Lots and lots of crabs. I have never seen so many crabs in my life! There were sand crabs of all sizes:

Sand Crab

And there were hundreds water crabs. We think there is a difference between the sand and water crabs but we really have no idea. They looked different. The water ones were smaller and had blue claws. They were also more aggressive. This guy was in fight or flight mode and he chose fight. Little turkey!

Ocean Crab

They were not scary to us because of how small they were, but they thought they could take on the world. Well at least they thought they could take on Frankie.

Frankie vs. the crab

This crab is the same one in both pictures. :) He really was upset with us! Maybe he remembered the following from his childhood or had heard stories from our 2007 trip to Corpus and it was a relative of his.

(Yes, my husband grosses me out! That thing was DEAD already and he did that!)

I had an symbolic moment while at the me, it doesn't happen often...I am like the seagulls and Frankie is like the pelicans.

seagull reflection

I like to stand at the water's edge and look around, taking pictures. If the waves get too much I back out. I am perfectly content with this.

Frankie-the Pelican

Frankie is like the pelican because he likes to get out there in the waves. The pelicans bob on the water looking around and just enjoy the waves.

Occasionally, the the seagull will go out where the pelican is and will bother him. Squawking and carrying on about this or that. The pelican just sort of takes it and then goes back to his floating when the seagull leaves. Yep, that is us.

seaweed seagull and sunsets

It was a beautiful evening and this is my favorite shot of the entire trip. (The crab vs. Frankie is a close second though!)

Next trip is a book looking trip tied in with a Braves game in Houston. I can't wait!

Until then, happy travels!