Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mustafa Asian & Middle Eastern Grocery Store-San Antonio, TX

Groupons had a deal recently where for $10 you could get $20 worth of groceries (excluding meat and alcohol) at Mustafa Asian and Middle Eastern Grocery Store in San Antonio, TX. My husband knows my love of foreign grocery stores so he bought it for me. We went and we were the only ones there who could ONLY speak English (Stupid Americans and their one language barrier!)

Below is a picture of everything that we bought followed by my thoughts about each item.

Mustafa Asian and Middle Eastern Grocery Store

I am still not completely sure what to do with the Poha Thick (or flattened rice). I have never seen this product before, but it looked interesting and it was only $1.99.

I have looked at recipes online but they all call for a bunch of other ingredients that I do not have. I think I am going to just have to wing it and make something based on one of them. You never know, I might just stumble onto something we really like! I did find this one recipe called Poha Recipe North India Style that I think I will try with a few minor adjustments.

We were very excited about the stuffed grape leaves. In restaurants they are normally around $5 for 4 of them. These were $8.49 for 65 of them! We had some last night and they were good. I rinsed the sunflower oil off them and put them in the refrigerator. I think that will make them even tastier.

The Mixed Berry Soda did not make it all the way home. Frankie bought it cold to drink immediately. It was $1.99. It had a kick to it, but was good.

I saw the Rose Water and the Orange Blossom Water and thought they sounded good. They were $1.99 each. As with most of the items we bought, it was, "Hmm...not sure what this is, but it doesn't cost much so let's buy it!"

I asked the lady checking us out if the flower waters were for drinking. She said no but she wasn't really sure what they were used for. That wasn't a lot of help but I figured I could find something online about them. Frankie thought it was funny that I was going to drink them straight. I looked up the website on the bottles and found out it was added to drinks or food in order to give them the aroma and flavor of the flowers.

One of the recipes was to mix a small amount of the flower water with plain water, sugar, and ice for a refreshing summer drink. I tried that one and it was very good! It taste just like you would image rose water to taste and it smells so wonderful.

The tandoori naan is India flat bread. It, again, was one of those things that I have never had before but it was there, only $1.99 (seemed to be a running theme for prices), and really how bad could it possibly be? I have had other kinds of flat breads: tortillas and pitas, and I like those, a lot. I will have to see what I can do with those beside just eat them plain with a meal. I really just like what they are called, it sounds so exotic!

Our final purchase was the Mango Chutney Potato Grills. You guessed it, $1.99. They are like American style potato chips (think Pringles) but a smaller chip. The flavor of mango chutney is really good. I don't know how to describe it though. It is sweet and tangy all at once.

It was fun going to the store and seeing all the things that I have never seen before and seeing things that I still don't know what they are. The little town we live in and the "bigger" ones that are near by don't have a lot of foreign foods so it is good to be able to go out and expand my horizons.

I can't wait until our next horizon expanding expedition!