Sunday, September 25, 2011

Texas Drought 2011

Every morning when I wake up I check the forecast for the next ten days. I check with the hope that there will be rain in the forecast. I have been disappointed for about a year now.  I check with hope that the temperature will be way below 100 degrees.  I have been disappointed for over 150 days.

The worst part is when the forecast shows that we have a 60% chance of rain for an upcoming day and so I keep checking several times a day.  Then it happens, that 60% chance simply disappears. We have had a few rain storms roll through, but nothing worth writing home about, if you know what I mean.  The month of September has given us a whopping 0.32 inches of rain.  That was the total from three different days of rain.

We have no grass, not even really dead grass.  It is just mostly dirt.  My poor baby trees are not growing because the last three summers in a row have been hot and dry for our area.  This year it is affecting the entire state not just south Texas. I water my trees once a week, but it is just too hot for them and I can water very little because of drought restrictions.

I am scared to death there will be a fire near us and we will lose our house.  My aunt was in that scary situation near Houston. She was blessed and didn't lose anything, although one road over the houses were destroyed.  I don't even want to pull over on the side of the road for any reason, just in case, somehow, someway, the vehicle causes a spark and starts a fire.

It is now almost October and we still can't get temperatures below 90.  It is very depressing.  NOAA didn't help with this little graphic:

The Inches Rain Needed to End the Drought in Six Months Time
We live right around where the light green, dark green, and yellow meet. I am not completely sure since there is nothing to go by! Either way, it is not good and I don't see the drought breaking if things continue as they have.  

Right now at 5 PM on September 25th it is 103 degree and dry. We do have a 30% chance of rain on September 29th, and 50% on the 30th, but that is for right now.  It has already changed from yesterday which showed more chances, which was changed from the day before which showed even more chances. 

I don't know which I would like to see more, the lower temperatures or, I know....RAIN!

I have and will continue to pray for rain.  Please join me and  pray that Texas will break from having the worst drought in the history of our state.