Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Made "Sushi Rolls"

The other day I was at World Market (I L.O.V.E. that place, especially the food section!) and I found some roasted seaweed used to make sushi rolls.  I got this grand idea of buying some to make some sushi rolls at home.  Note: I have never made them before but I thought to hard can it truly be??

Then I started looking at websites the afternoon I wanted to make them. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  :)

They called for Japanese short grain rice....I didn't have any and had been looking for some but couldn't find any.  

They called for rice vinegar...I didn't have any.

They called for imitation crab or smoked salmon....I didn't have any of that either!

I did have cucumbers, carrots, avocado, and the seaweed!  Yay, half of the ingredients!

I used Jasmine rice, but didn't rinse it and cooked it until it was soft. It was sticky, I don't know how sticky sticky rice is suppose to be, but it wouldn't flick off my fingers! I consider that pretty sticky!

I used balsamic vinegar. It gave the rice a nice brown tint to it.

I left out the meat.

The first roll was a fatty!! My husband got to eat that one....with a fork....but still edible! By the time I got to  the fourth roll things were much more normal looking. Here are the photo results and I must say that they tasted pretty stinking good! I might try again one of these days.

Left one still needed to be rolled. Right one was the fat one! 
This were from the smaller, normal rolls.  I think they look good if you ignore the brown tint from the balsamic vinegar.