Sunday, November 6, 2011

How My Husband Remembers Our Honeymoon

seaweed seagull and sunsets My husband, Frankie, teaches High School Special Education English.  For one of his test he created a short story and the topic he picked was our honeymoon (11 years ago!)  Awh!  Do I have a keeper or what?

Here is his version.  He said he simplified a few things to fit what his students could handle, but all in all it is true story.

"In July of 2000 a man and a woman married in front of all their family and friends. It was a wonderful day that would be followed by many wonderful years. 

The wedding was a great event and everyone shouted with excitement and happiness as the married couple left the church. On the next day the married couple jumped on an airplane heading towards the beach where they would spend their honeymoon. The plane landed and the couple was excited to start their new life together. 

They spent the next two days playing in the sun and in the water, but on the third day something bad happened! The man ordered a pizza that had bad cheese on it and the couple became very sick. The couple had food poisoning and chunked all over the place. 

 The woman got mad at the man for making her sick. He felt really bad for ordering a pizza from a man on the street. The woman was only mad because she was sick and quickly forgave the man. Soon they got well and flew back home. 

The man was never allowed to order pizza again."