Saturday, December 3, 2011

James Kiehl River Bend Park - Comfort, TX

Driving home after the Thanksgiving meal from my parent's house, Frankie and I decided to take one of the back roads home.  We saw a sign pointing towards James Kiehl River Bend Park, which is on part of the Guadalupe River.  We recognized the name and decided to drive to it.  The address is: 118 River Bend Rd. Comfort TX 78013, if you would like to visit or look it up on a map.

James Kiehl was a solider who died in 2003 while in action in Iraq and was buried in the small town we use to live in.  I wrote a blog about the cemetery and you can read about it here.  If you ever got an email about a Texas style funeral for a solider, that was about James Kiehl and it is a true account.  

The park is a very beautiful place, of course, it didn't hurt that we were there in the fall season and the leaves had not all turned brown and fallen off yet.  I would like to share some pictures from our side tour.  I hope you enjoy them!

The signs:

James Kiehl River Bend Park Sign

James Kiehl River Bend Park Monument

James Kiehl River Bend Park Information

James Kiehl Park warning

The river:

River view

Clear water

Reminds me of a hippo

Bugs on the water

The plants:

James Kiehl River Bend Park Autumn

Sun bleached fallen tree

My favorites:

Old Train Tracks and Bridge

Colors of fall

Sun in the face

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  1. Jennifer, Thank you for your posting about the James Kiehl park. It was a lovely little piece and has given me a chance to see it once again. Am so glad that people are enjoying the park and still remember who James was and what he sacrificed while serving his country. He'll always be in his family's hearts and others too through the park. Thank you, Terry Oliver (James' mother in law)