Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buckingham Palace's Changing Of The Guards

On Wednesday, Dec 21st we had plans to go to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards.  In the winter they  have the ceremony every other day and in the summer it is everyday.

We didn't go straight there, we first had to drop of some post cards.  Luckily, there was a mail drop box right outside of our hotel.  We didn't have to hunt for one!

Post Box

We didn't find the place that the man we talked to the night before mentioned for breakfast.  We did however find a place to eat.  I couldn't even tell you the name or really where it was.  I know it was near the hotel, but that is about it.  It wasn't the best, but then again it wasn't the worst either.  

Omelet and Fries
I had a cheese omelet that came with fries.  It was a little early in the day for fries for me,
so I just ate the omelet. The color is a little off because Frankie wouldn't let me use the flash!

After eating we walked down Fleet street a little ways to St. Bride's Church.  It is believed that the spire on the church is the inspiration for tiered wedding cakes. We couldn't go in because they were preparing for a Christmas song service.  But we were able to walk around the small courtyard.
St Brides Church

St Brides Church Tree
My artistic shot of St. Bride's Church
Continuing on our way to Buckingham Palace, we passed Shoe Lane.

Shoe Lane

There were other roads with names like, Milk Street, Bread Street, Honey Lane, Poultry and even a Pudding Lane.  Back when there were only markets and no grocery stores if you wanted milk or bread you would go to that area to purchase them.  I really wanted to get a picture of Pudding Lane (which wasn't where you went to buy pudding and I will leave it at that), but it just never worked out where we were near it.  At least I got Shoe Lane!

Double Decker Bus
Seen on our way to Buckingham Palace - Older Red Double Decker Bus
Texas Embassy
Texas Embassy Restaurant and Red Phone Booth
We knew we were getting closer when we got here.  This is the entrance to the road that leads to Buckingham Palace.  It looks more like it belongs in Rome than London.  This road is called The Mall.

Entrance to Road to Buckingham Palace

Not far from Buckingham Palace is the residence of Prince Charles called Clarence House.  The video  above shows one of the guards that stands outside of his gate.

Buckingham Palace Fountain
Queen Victoria Monument outside of Buckingham Palace which is in the background.
Buckingham Palace and Fence
Buckingham Palace behind the fence.
Buckingham Palace Gate2
Gate a Buckingham Palace
Guard and Fence at Buckingham Palace
Guard at Buckingham Palace seen through the fence. Another artistic shot!
Only a small part of the changing of the guards.

Queen Victoria Fountain
The Queen Victoria Memorial
Queen Victoria
But what is that on the orb she is holding?
Tiny Man with Queen Victoria
It's a wee little man!  Where did he come from??
We didn't stay for the whole changing of the guards ceremony.  It was 30 minutes long and we couldn't get close to the fence to see what was going on inside.  It was all right that we couldn't because we had other things we wanted to see.  The changing of the guard is a lot of pomp and circumstance that was lost on us stupid Americans.

We left Buckingham Palace and headed to British Museum and British Library.  I am going to save those for a new post since this one has already gotten so long.

So long!  (Get it!  I just repeated it for a different meaning....I rolled my eyes too, don't feel bad if you did!)