Monday, January 16, 2012

The Journey To And Through Hyde Park In London

Monday, December 19th, we had all intention to get up at 7 AM to get a good early start to the day, but then 7 AM came around and the alarm went off.  Then the alarm got reset to 9 AM.  I don't know how that happened!

We finally got up, got ready and left the hotel.  Before getting to the tube station we saw some Bobbies. They are named after Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel, who founded the London Metropolitan Police. I politely asked if I could take their picture.  They were very friendly about it.  I would like to apologize to the man, I caught him in a eyes half close pose and didn't want to bother them for another picture.  Sorry sir!


It was not a long walk to the tube stop, but even so there are always things to see and take pictures of! For instance...

Best Burritos and Tacos in London
 I LOVE Mexican food being from Texas, but finding it in places so far from Mexico, cracks me up. 
Finally on the tube and our first stop was Marble Arch which is near one of entrances to Hyde Park. The marker for the Marble Arch tube stop was one of the prettiest ones.

Marble Arch Stop

Marble Arch3
The real Marble Arch with me standing in the middle arch.  That thing is massive!

I read somewhere that this is the spot where they use to have public executions.  Lovely.  London was a very bloody place back in the day!  And can you believe this arch use to be in front of Buckingham Palace but was moved in 1851 to this spot.  I would love to know how that moved such a contraption back then!  We continued on our way into Hyde Park. The first thing we came across was Speaker's Corner

Speakers Corner

There wasn't anyone speaking on the day we were there, which was a Monday.  There are usually people there on Sunday's and I read that Sunday afternoon is the best time to catch some "good" speeches. It was also a rainy day, nothing too bad, but constant rain most of the day.

There were several places in Hyde Park that I wanted to see. The Peter Pan statue, the Princess Diana Memorial, and the Prince Albert Memorial. We started walking to try to find the Peter Pan statue.  We had a map, but wasn't sure where we were on the map so we asked some locals walking around and they were not sure where it was.  I showed them the map and where the statue was on the map and they were able to point us in the right direction.  Frankie was worried that this was going to turn into the time in Rome when we walked, he swears, all over Rome looking for a big toe. We did figure out where Peter Pan was but this park is HUGE and we were not that close. I decided to let Peter Pan slip away.  I guess I just have to live with the pictures found through Google

On our way to the Princess Diana Memorial we saw several other things we weren't looking for.
Princess Di Memorial Walk

Navy Rock
Now you really do need to see what this next is a close up.
Navy Rock2
Thank you so much your's a rock.

The Serpentine River that is really a lake that runs through the center of Hyde Park.
We were not sure what to expect for the Princess Diana Memorial but we sure were not expecting a circle like shape of running water on the ground and that is it.  It was nice and calming. Here you can read about why they designed it that way.

Princess Di Memorial2
This is only one side of the fountain.
  The last item we saw in Hyde Park was the Prince Albert Memorial. I loved it! It was so beautiful to me and it was massive. When Prince Albert died of typhoon in 1861 his wife Queen Victoria commissioned the memorial to be built in his honor. She mourned his death by wearing black, not just for the typical few years but for 40 years! Queen Victoria also had all the fence post around London that were painted in many different colors to be repainted all black, as they are still today.

Albert Memorial9
Do you see the people standing by the fence line?  This memorial is enormous!
Albert Memorial6
The fence surrounding the memorial was so beautiful.  I love spirals and curly-q's! 
Albert Memorial-America2
At the four corners of the fence there were tributes to the major Continents of the world.
This was North America's!  Look!  A buffalo!  Awesome! 
We tackled all of this in Hyde Park before lunch! I will have to split this day up into a few post because we packed so much into this one day! So I end this one here. Until later!