Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rolling Skating In Hades

I recently volunteered to be a driver for a school function to Corpus Christi. (They were desperate and let me!) While there, the students had a free evening and we all decided to go roller skating.  The teacher in charge had seen a roller rink the day before and that is where we decided to go.

I don't really know my way around Corpus so I was following the other teacher.  We drove and drove and drove and then turned into a place of business.  I seriously thought she had missed the roller skating place and was just turning around.  But then she parked.

There were NO lights and this was after dark. There was NO sign, not near the road, not close to the building, not anywhere. The only signal that this might have been the right place was the fact that there were other cars parked around the building.

We slowly got out of the vehicle and then hurriedly ran towards the building. It looked abandoned. As we drew closer there was a vinyl sign strapped to the building that gave the name of the place, so I felt a little better about it.  I did trust the other teacher, but it was a very strange situation!

Later, I checked on Google maps to see what this place looked like in the daytime....

Yeah, so image that, but in the dark!

After scurrying through the parking lot, we made our way inside.  There were lights!  Yay!  And there was sound....boy was there sound!  The music was blaring!  I don't guess I have been to a roller rink before, because I think that I would have remembered how loud they are!

We got out of the foyer, which by the way the cashier was behind plexiglass, and into the actual rink.  It was super crowded in there.  It wasn't just crowded with normal people either.  It was crowded with MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS!!!  


So combine these elements:

1. Very loud music
2. Large crowds
3. Middle Schoolers

and you have my version of Hades!  I wasn't skating in that mess!  Luckily no one else in our group wanted to either so we hightailed it to the vehicles and went bowling!  Where there were lights, signs and adults!  Yay!