Wednesday, March 21, 2012

San Antonio River Walk In January

I do understand that it is now past January, but I never got around to blogging about our visit to the River Walk in San Antonio after Christmas. It is free to go to the River Walk.  You do have to pay for parking and anything you might purchase, but just to go walk around is free. We only live about an hour away from San Antonio and January is a wonderful time to visit the River Walk. It isn't crowded, it isn't hot, and the Christmas decorations are still up!  It was beautiful and peaceful and I have pictures to share!

Alamo Heroes Plaque

Thank you Texas heroes for your sacrifice for our great state!

Birds and artwork

I loved the way this shot turned out.  There were so many birds all over the place!

River boats and trees

River boat rides were not as expensive as we thought they would be.  It was under $10 per person.  We didn't ride any this time.  Maybe one day we will decide to.

bridge with lights

I love the simplicity of the pedestrian bridge and the single strand of lights.  At one point there was a duck swimming underneath.  It was all so peaceful!

trees with lots of lights

Tree wrapped lights are one of my favorites!

colored bulbs on bridge

Oh!  Pretty!  There were other bridges where the lights changed color over time.  It was so very very pretty.

view from River Walk

I am not sure what the building in the background is but I love the way it looks so majestic.

lights reflected in water

Forget about smoke on the water, how about lights on the water!  So much better!

I didn't want to just film the mariachi band so I filmed my Mexican food while they played.  It was Mexican food and Mexican music all wrapped into one video!

Trumpet Player

Check out those cheeks!

Mexican dresses

How cute are these little Mexican dresses???

River Walk

A final shot from the River Walk.  It was a lovely time and I am glad we were able to enjoy it!  If you get the chance to go, I highly suggest it, although, I must warn you that the summers in San Antonio are extremely HOT, 90 to 100 degrees EVERYDAY.  Winters are very very mild most days. Oh and by the way, summer roughly last from May to October. So you might want to put off going during that time, but otherwise it is a lovely place.