Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Russell Stover Chocolate Guarantee

A few days after Easter, you know when all the candy is marked down, Frankie bought four bars of Russell Stover chocolate for 50 cents each.  Ever single one of them looked like this and didn't taste good either:

Chocolate Gone Bad

Ack! We thought all was lost, you know, the whole $2, until I read the back:

Russell Stover Guarantee

I went online a few days later and found the place to send a message in regards to their guarantee. It took a few days for a reply, but they said it seemed as if the chocolate had been placed in too hot of a temperature (read that, "Your chocolate was in Texas, what did you expect?") thus causing the discoloration and change in taste. They said they would gladly replace the product.

I didn't worry too much about it.  If they did they did, if they didn't, well that is the way some businesses tend to work and it was, after all, only $2 lost.

But then today in the mail, we received this box:

The huge box of potential chocolate

With this printed on the side:

All Kinds of Goodness

All kinds of visions of loveliness were dancing before my eyes. This was a HUGE box, it had to be filled with all kinds of goodness, right? I untaped the lid to find:

What could be in there?

I was really excited now! It has been my experience that most good things come wrapped in shiny packages! Opening the shiny lead me to this:

Actually not much

  My excitement started to shrink as the contents shrank, but there was a reusable freeze pack.  Score!

I continued to unpack the box:

Shrinking product

There had to be only one more layer now. Unwrapping the brown paper I found, six regular candy bars.

Six Chocolate Bars
Now we had only bought four, so Russell Stover replacing the four with six was nice. Plus, we got a free reusable ice pack and a free shiny reusable insulation bag for when buy cold items at the grocery store. At least that is how I am going to look at it all!

Best guarantee EVER!  Thank you Russell Stover for making good on your promise plus some and plus some more!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Middle School Kids Using Mathematics Outside Of School

I decided to go cross curriculum the other day with my middle schoolers and asked them to write a one page essay on the following topic:  How do you use mathematics outside of school?

I got the standard answers and then I got some answers that were just hysterical!  Snippets of these I just have to share.

"Everyday humans all over the world use mathematics, whether they know it or not.  They use it to count, buy things or sell things and so on. Humans can't help it if they use mathematics."

We just can't help it...stinking math.

"People use math more than they realize.  Some people say they hate math but they use it all the time so how can they get over the fact that they hate math then they have to use it all the time.  I swear humans can be so stubborn sometimes."


"I remember when  was younger and I wanted to buy my own Barbie clothes for my dolls. We went to Wal-Mart and I had at least $15. By then I knew how to add two digit numbers. I had my little notepad and turquoise pen and I was adding. Came out to $13.44.  I got to the checkout and the chick scanned my items.  Next thing I knew. Somehow, more money was added. Later that evening, I came home with the clothes and I asked my mom, 'Why did the chick add more money?' Figured out, it was tax.  I officially hate tax now.

Those chicks at Wal-Mart will get you every time if you aren't careful!

"No matter where you are, a book store or an amusement park, you'll probably use math. You can't hide from math."

"If I was making like some bunny cage (It was not my idea.) or a TV shelf [I would use math]. My dad, sister, and me were helping each other with the cage (but then the rabbit died too bad!)"

 : /  I don't even know what to say...except, remember, they ARE middle schoolers.  Sometimes they just can't be explained.

"One time I counted how much it took me to go get my phone.  I counted in feet.  It took me 32 steps to go get my phone from my room to the kitchen."

Yes, this child does have big feet, but I don't know if they are actually, in fact, a foot in length.

"When there's a certain percent off of the clothes that gives us an advantage.  We can get more stuff when something is discounted.  That means we have to calculate the expense though. Usually I calculate it mentally or with the calculator on my phone while my sister goes to the price check.  Sometimes I have my blonde moments."

I title this one, "The Lazy Sister and the Blonde".

"My mom is a math genius so it's easy for her.  Sometimes she'll ask me to help her figure something out like 200/15 and she'll answer it in at most 5 seconds after she asks me.  The whole time I'm trying to do it mentally and then when she gets it I think, 'Why did you ask me again?'"

At least this kid listens to the mother!

"My mom usually makes ME compare all of the prices."

Go Mom!

"Sometimes when we have company over my mom tells me to make a double recipe.  Once I forgot to double some of the ingredients and had to start all over when I remembered.  Now I remember that it is supposed to be 2 times the original amount!  Thanks to you, it is now a lot easier!"

Kiss up. ;)

"Every time I go out to that ranch I think about all the math I had to use to build that fence.  It was fun and tiring for me actually using my brain."

*eyes rolling*

And now one more.  This kid wrote a whole page on softball and then there was this last line.

"There are a lot of ways to use mathematics like shopping.  I use it more on softball."

Really...I didn't notice.

It was a fun little project that provided me with some good entertainment.  You just never know what middle school kids are thinking.  But if they are thinking it, they will usually say it.  You aren't left in the dark about their little minds for long!  Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Saw That On Pintrest

I love Pinterest! It contains so many fantastic ideas and things.  I see ideas on there that I could have never imagined on my own.  At this writing I have over 250 pictures pinned.  I decided that instead of just pinning them that I would take action make something I had pinned.

I have currently done three projects.  I linked the directions in the title of the project, if you are interested.

Project 1 - Dried Strawberries

I didn't take any pictures through this project, but I can tell you that it was very very easy.  I was leery of putting salt and pepper on my strawberries, but it only enhanced all the flavor!  Once done, the strawberries were sweeter than ever and are just wonderful!  Mine were not completely dried out and I probably should have left them in the oven longer but they were soooo good I couldn't wait.  The oven was set at such a low temperature that I was able to sneak taste test throughout the process without burning my fingers.  I would highly recommend this project if you like strawberries!

Project 2 - Tie Necklace

You take a tie you like, fold it up, tack it down, add a button and, viola!  A tie necklace!  I have gotten many compliments on this one and made a few for others.  They are simple to make but a little time consuming for the tacking part. I like that there are so many variations on this project.  Just changing the button changes the whole look.  It is a fun project and it gives new life to an item that might just be sitting around the house or one that can be found for a very reasonable price at a thrift store.  (Sorry for the blurry picture, but that is as good as it is getting at this point.)

tie necklace

Project 3- T-shirt to Vest

This one took longer to figure out how to put it on than it did to make it!  I started with a t-shirt that I had bought at a thrift store. I  loved the colors and the pattern but it was too big.  I had plans to cut it down to fit, but it just kept sitting there collect dust cat hair.  So, plan B for the shirt was a vest. (Plan B was decided when I walked in the room looking for a shirt to use for this project.)

t-shirt turned vest

You literally cut the neckline and sleeves off, and then cut up the sides.  That is it.  No sewing, no pattern, and no measuring.  The place where the head use to go now becomes the place where both arms go. It is hard to explain but not quite as hard to figure out once you put it on a few times.  Here is a shot of the front and the back.

t-shirt turned vest front
Front- In case you needed more help on that.
And oh mercy, I just noticed how wrinkled my white shirt is.  Sigh...
t-shirt turned vest back
Back-Again, in case you need help.
I am very happy with myself that I have done something and not just ohhhed and awhhhed and drooled over some of those fabulous projects and pictures on Pintrest!  What is next on my list?  Hmmmm.....let me go see what I can find!  :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Southwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

On a recent school trip to Corpus Christi, TX I got the chance to see an 8-foot statue titled, "Southwest Pieta" by Luis Jimenez that is at the American Bank Center.  This was the same trip with the questionable roller skating rink incident. When my husband and I traveled to Rome we were able to see Michelangelo's "Pieta" at St. Peter's Basilica.

Pieta by Michelangelo

It was interesting to see a different version of the "Pieta".  While doing some research on the "Southwest Pieta", I sadly learned that Luis Jimenez passed away in 2006 when a piece of the 32-foot, 9,000 pound blue mustang he was creating for the Denver International Airport fell on him and severed an artery in his leg. So very tragic!

I am grateful for the art that he was able to give us while alive and I would like to share some pictures I took of his "Southwest Pieta".

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez
Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

Soutwest Pieta - Luis Jimenez

I loved it!  I didn't know the sculpture was at the convention center and so when I saw some statue I wandered over to it.  It was a delightful surprise.  I like when that happens and I always try to keep a watch out for the unusual.

Until later!  Happy travels!