Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Russell Stover Chocolate Guarantee

A few days after Easter, you know when all the candy is marked down, Frankie bought four bars of Russell Stover chocolate for 50 cents each.  Ever single one of them looked like this and didn't taste good either:

Chocolate Gone Bad

Ack! We thought all was lost, you know, the whole $2, until I read the back:

Russell Stover Guarantee

I went online a few days later and found the place to send a message in regards to their guarantee. It took a few days for a reply, but they said it seemed as if the chocolate had been placed in too hot of a temperature (read that, "Your chocolate was in Texas, what did you expect?") thus causing the discoloration and change in taste. They said they would gladly replace the product.

I didn't worry too much about it.  If they did they did, if they didn't, well that is the way some businesses tend to work and it was, after all, only $2 lost.

But then today in the mail, we received this box:

The huge box of potential chocolate

With this printed on the side:

All Kinds of Goodness

All kinds of visions of loveliness were dancing before my eyes. This was a HUGE box, it had to be filled with all kinds of goodness, right? I untaped the lid to find:

What could be in there?

I was really excited now! It has been my experience that most good things come wrapped in shiny packages! Opening the shiny lead me to this:

Actually not much

  My excitement started to shrink as the contents shrank, but there was a reusable freeze pack.  Score!

I continued to unpack the box:

Shrinking product

There had to be only one more layer now. Unwrapping the brown paper I found, six regular candy bars.

Six Chocolate Bars
Now we had only bought four, so Russell Stover replacing the four with six was nice. Plus, we got a free reusable ice pack and a free shiny reusable insulation bag for when buy cold items at the grocery store. At least that is how I am going to look at it all!

Best guarantee EVER!  Thank you Russell Stover for making good on your promise plus some and plus some more!