Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Antonio Texas To Budapest Hungary With Places In Between

We left San Antonio on the morning of June the 4th, a Monday (this may or may not be important in the future, so remember it just in case). Frankie had been reading Rick Steves' website in the weeks leading up to our trip about packing and Budapest. It was because of this that he decided we were going to travel for eight days with only one carry-on and one backpack each (plus my purse).

We were going to pack light and wash clothes in the sink if needed. He bought some travel soap from the Rick Steves website (I argued he could have just used shampoo, but NOOO) and a travel clothesline, which actually was useful while in Budapest and has been useful other places as well. Traveling light worked just fine and it will be our preferred travel arrangement from here on out!

Our first leg was from San Antonio to Chicago and that took three hours. Now, this was less than a 1/3 of our total travel time, but three hours is still a long time to just sit on a plane. I wrote a blog earlier about things to do to keep oneself occupied. You can read that here, and I highly recommend it because it makes me laugh every time and I wrote the silly thing!

Other things you can do is take pictures of things outside the airplane. Granted there is usually not much variation in what you see, especially if you are sitting over the wing...

No Step Airplane Wing

I would like to thank United Airlines for repeatedly warning me to not step on the wing.  I wasn't sure if I could or not.  It is hard to see in this size picture, but each place you see red it says "NO STEP".

Made it to Chicago with nothing memorable happening and just like most people who get off a longer plane ride I needed to go to the bathroom.  That is where I found the toilet of the future! (Which I guess wasn't really of the future of I was looking at it in real time...)

Fancy toilet in Chicago

It was so fancy it had to have detailed instructions in several languages and in braille!  (Not sure what the 4 was for unless it was meant to tell you to repeat step 1 when the time came.)

How to use the toilet sign Chicago

I should have took a video, but I just now thought of that.  Little late seeing how I am sitting on my couch back in Texas and a month has passed.

We ended up staying at the Chicago airport for longer than expected because a crew member didn't show up for the next leg of our journey. I hope that person had a legitimate excuse! Eventually we got on the plane.

We were on the plane from Chicago to Munich for NINE hours!  I have never been to Germany but when we were landing I got a glimpse of the Bavarian country side and it was breathtaking! I have never seen a cuter (yes, I said cuter!) countryside.  It was postcard perfect.  The red roofs of several buildings together in small villages surrounded by the lush green of the summer.  I wish I had ignored the flight attendance's instance of putting away all electronics and gotten my camera out for a picture, but NOOO, little-miss-follow-all-the-rules-like-her-parents-taught-her (thanks by the way Mom and Dad, I really do appreciate that you loved me enough to not let me run wild!) didn't do it.

Now because of delays in Chicago we missed our flight to Budapest. No need to panic because we were easily re-booked to a later flight.  It gave us a chance to walk around the airport in Munich.

Doesn't this sign look so intimidating???  No idea what it means but it looks serious.

German-looks serious

Ok, actually I couldn't just leave it not know what it meant, so I translated it with Google Translate and it means, "Fire Door, Keep Closed At All Times".  Not quite as scary when translated.  In fact it is rather boring.  So if you want to forget what it means then I shall allow it.

We ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner while at the airport.  I never really know what meal it is when we travel to far away places because my body has been throw across a bazillion different time zones in the space of ten hours so all I know to do is eat what is available.  It was sandwiches so I think that leaves out breakfast, but then again we were in a foreign land and I don't know what is normal for breakfast in Germany.

Sandwich at Munich airport

Notice the German flag on the Coca-Cola Zero!  We really were in Germany! The drink that Frankie had, Mezzo Mix, was a mix of Coca-Cola and Orange Fanta.  It was pretty good.  I would have gotten one if they had a diet version. (Which they do, just not at the airport.) Mezzo Mix drinks are only sold in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. I am jealous, and now will try to make my own and you can't stop me Coca-Cola!!

Finally, finally, finally we got on the plane and arrived in Budapest in one hour on June 5th, Tuesday in the late afternoon.

Exit to Budapest

So if you remember, at the beginning of this post, I told you what time we started and now you know what time we ended.  I will let you figure out how tired we were.  I am going to end this post here and let the real fun in Budapest begin in a new post.

Travelling, the only downside to travelling!  All for now!