Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Built A Queen Sized Platform Bed Frame

We have had a queen sized mattress sitting in our house for years now.  There was no boxsprings and the only way we could use it was if it was on the floor.  Since it was in the guest room, and let's face it, we don't get many overnight guess, we didn't do much about it.  But then my mom was coming to spend the night and I couldn't let my precious mother sleep on a mattress just thrown on the floor!!  I just couldn't!  So I did something about it!

One Saturday, I amazed myself by following the directions found here on Instructables and having the end result of an actual, usable platform bed frame!  I have never built anything that didn't come from a box with instructions and even then it is questionable about the end results.  Frankie told me this was my baby and that he would help if I absolute needed it but he didn't want to have any part of it.  

Gee, thanks!

He did help me get the supplies home from the hardware store, which including the the speed square, cost around $50.  I couldn't buy a bed frame for anywhere near that low of a price so I was really hoping this was going to work. Getting the boards home was a slight nightmare since they were so light I was scared they would fly out of the back of the truck.  But we made it home and I began.

Smiling at beginning
It is always smiles in the beginning!

The wood supplies
Seven pieces of wood somehow were going to become a bed frame.  I had my doubts.

The tools
My tools.  First time to use a speed square.  My math mind liked it greatly!
The scraps
After all the cutting, this was all the waste that was produced.
 Pretty awesome!  Not even enough to build a birdhouse!

Back in the house, I took a break before starting to put this all together.  I was a little tired.  That circular saw is not made for hands the size of a 10 year old's!  I was still able to smile though.

Still smiling before putting together inside

I really wanted to get this done in one day, so my break was short lived and I got to building the frame.

Beginning to build

Got the slats
After the frame the slat were attached.  It is looking promising!

Got the legs

The most difficult of the entire thing was getting those stinking legs attached.  It is two pieces screwed together and then that is suppose to be screwed to the frame.  I am not sure how in the world that was really suppose to be done and I tried to do it alone, but in the end I had to get Frankie's help.  Between the two of us we got it, but not without a lot of sweat (Frankie's) and trouble!

These instructions created a bed that is VERY high off the ground.  Granted there is plenty of space underneath for storage, but I almost have to get a running start to get up on it!  Here is it completely done and the bed mostly made.

I built a bed frame!

It is so high off the ground that our freakishly tall cat can walk under it with no problems.  I think I am able to crawl under it with no problems.  If I were to make another one (don't see that happening anytime soon!), I would cut the legs a little shorter.  But I was very happy with the end results and my mom was happy to not have to sleep on the floor!

Here is a parting shot of just how draining this all was for someone who is NOT a carpenter!  But let me tell you what, if the instructions had not been so fantastically written there wouldn't have even been this post, this parting shot, and my mom would have just slept on the floor!  So all in all, it was good, very good, despite the face below!

All I can say is, "Done!"