Friday, January 4, 2013

Jamaican Irish Moss Drinks: Peanut And Vanilla Flavors

A month or two ago, Frankie and I went to Austin to look for books and somewhere in that city I saw an Afro-Caribbean grocery store.  I had to beg Frankie to stop, and he did because he loves me and knows I like foreign grocery stores.

It was a small one but I learned from it that you can buy cassava in many different forms.  Before we left we saw these canned drinks called Big Bamboo Jamaican Irish Moss Drink in the flavors of Peanut and Vanilla. Well, this we had to try!  We bought one of each and left.

Fast forward several months and I finally tried these drinks.  First up, the peanut one.

I didn't really know what to expect.  Since it was in a can, I thought it would be like a soda drink.  However, looking at the ingredients, it listed milk as the third ingredient after water and sugar.  I saw no expiration date and that did concern me since it was a milk drink, but apparently not enough to stop me. Neither did the warning to shake gently before opening.

I popped it open and started pouring.  Whoa, this was not a soda!

Jamaican Irish Moss Peanut Drink

It tasted like a peanut butter milkshake.  Not terribly unpleasant but not pleasant either?  I have no idea how to describe it beyond that.  It was thick, it was sweet, it was peanut butter, it was confusing.  It survived three swallows, which I think was very generous, before being dumped.

With trepidation, I opened and poured the vanilla one.  I had higher hopes for it and that is why I saved it for second.

Jamaican Irish Moss Vanilla Drink

Hmm....looked just like the other one.

I tasted it.

I thought it was better than the peanut one, but it didn't have far to go to be better!

It tasted a lot like eggnog but with less of the spices.  Not bad, but I couldn't drink the full can.  I have to be in the mood for eggnog and that only happens every few years.  This was not the year.  It got four swallows before being dumped.  

I thought about leaving some of each for Frankie to try, but he doesn't like eggnog or milkshakes so I didn't figure he would like either one of these.

While these didn't work with my taste buds, I do like to try new food and drinks and I am glad I did!

After trying these I opened a diet cream soda to "cleanse the palate", which, has no cream in it, ironic compared to what I just tried!

I like food/drink adventures and there is more where these came from as soon as I can get all the photos from our trip to Paris organized and labeled!

Until then!