Sunday, September 8, 2013

Food Shark Food Truck - Marfa, TX

If you ever find yourself in far west Texas in a little town called Marfa, and I do mean FAR west Texas:

Be on the lookout for the Food Shark food truck.  It is very easy to find!

You can't miss a metal food truck sitting under a metal pavillion in the center of town!  

Food Shark Truck Marfa TX

Their website says they are usually open Thursday through Saturday from noon - 3:00 pm, so plan accordingly, but occasionally we have been lucky and they were open outside of there posted days/hours.

They offer some excellent Mediterranean food in a part of Texas where you just wouldn't expect to find any. Mexican food, yes, of course, but Mediterranean, no, never. We have been there a few times and will go every time we are in the area and they are open.

Check out the menu!

Food Shark Menu Marfa TX

Now check out what the food actually looked like from one of our visits there!

This was one of their specials of the day. It is a veggie burrito loaded with all sorts of colorful goodness and fresh delicious salsa on the side!

Veggie Wrap Food Shark Truck Marfa TX

The other item that we ordered was fattoush salad topped with hummus and falafel with a drizzle of tahini sauce.  So flavorful and different from anything else this town has to offer, it was a delight to eat!

Falafel Fatoush Salad from Food Shark Truck Marfa TX

If I could magically transport myself in the blink of an eye to Marfa just to eat here, I would.  Unfortunately, I can't and seeing how it is a five and a half hour drive, I guess I will just have to wait to eat at this wonderful place once again.

Anyone going through Marfa, bring me a falafel!

Until next time!