Sunday, December 8, 2013

Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant, and Grill - San Antonio, TX

After our visit to the San Antonio Art Museum, it was time to eat.  It seems like it is always time for that!

We knew we were close to this restaurant we had gone to one other time and really enjoyed it but all we could remember was part of the name, Panchos and Gringos.  The full name, is as it turns out, is Panchos and Gringos Deli, Restaurant and Grill.  It's a mouth full for sure!

The first time we went it was by complete accident.  We had gone to downtown San Antonio for some reason and just happened to drive past.  It didn't look like much on the outside and it didn't seem to be in the best of areas. In fact, one of the main the windows had been broken fairly recently by some jerk faced idiot (you know the kind who go around breaking windows just because they can).  But we have learned long ago to not judge a restaurant by its outside.  Much like you can't judge a book by its cover type of thing.

That first time we went in it was with hesitation but we still went in.  Good thing we did because the food was SOO good!  So when we knew we were in the area again we started hunting for it.  We really didn't know where it was but somehow in the dark recess of my mind I did remember that it was on Nolan street.  How I brought that up from the depths I will never know!

To put the address in the front of my mind, I have now captured it forever in a photo.

Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant & Grill San Antonio, TX

They have many options to choose from.  Mostly sandwiches, with some salads, and breakfast is served all day.  Both times we went both got sandwiches.  They ingredients are simple but the combinations are appealing and delectable.

Here is a small sampling of their menu.

Part of menu at Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant & Grill San Antonio, TX

And now for some food shots.  Because let's face it, if the food stinks (or is ugly), the restaurant won't be there long!  From the looks of it, this one is going to stay!

Side Salad at Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant & Grill San Antonio, TX

Above is a fresh side salad with more than just the boring lettuce and tomatoes.  As you can see there is also some diced bell pepper and black olives with a side of Italian dressing.

Chicken with Peppers and Cheese Sandwich at Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant & Grill San Antonio, TX

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the the sandwich above.  It was Frankie's choice, so I didn't really pay much attention.  But it looks like it might be a type of chicken Philly cheese type concoction.  I do know that Frankie enjoyed it.

Italiano Chicken Sandwich at Panchos & Gringos Deli, Restaurant & Grill San Antonio, TX

This last photo is what I had picked and it was the Italiano chicken sandwich.  Along with the chicken it had roasted yellow bell peppers, mozzarella cheese and oregano.  It was simple and delicious! 

I had taken pictures the first time we went but then decided that I wasn't going to blog about it and deleted them. Shame on me! I do remember that I had ordered a turkey sandwich which had a cranberry spread and the house speciality of stuffing.  I don't like stuffing so I asked for it to be left off.  The owner was our waitress that day and she politely insisted that I try it, so I got a small plate of it on the side. It had been pan fried and flattened so it would sit flat on the sandwich.  I tasted it and realized that, yes, yes indeed, it would be GREAT on the sandwich.

If you find yourself near Nolan street in San Antonio, look for Panchos and Gringos.  You will be glad you did AND if the waitress suggest something just say yes!  Learn from me my friends, learn from me!

That's all for now.

Until later!