Friday, January 24, 2014

New Orleans - French Quarter Awesomeness

In my last post I shared with you the decor of the French Quarter that we saw in New Orleans.  In this post I would like to share some of the amazing things that we saw while there.

Let me start with something that a lot of people probably would never even notice. It was just a bunch of Mardi Gras beads hanging on a fence, but it really caught my eye. I love finding things that are often overlooked.

Madi Gras Beads  on Fence  New Orleans LA

Then we have the streetcars, which you can't miss. They are fun to look at on the street.

Red Streetcar  New Orleans LA

They are fun to look at from the hotel.

St Charles Streetcar New Orleans LA

They are even more fun to ride in.

On the St Charles Streetcar New Orleans LA

And they are even fun to replicate in art!

Streetcar Art New Orleans LA

As we wandered around the French Quarter we stumbled on many things (not literally, that would have been annoying and painful after awhile). One of these was a statue tucked into an alleyway. It was raining and we ducked into a breezeway for a slight reprieve.  The statue at the fountain looked so cool in the falling rain. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Woman at Fountain in French Quarter New Orleans LA

In the French Quarter there is a French marketplace that sells food, New Orleans paraphernalia, and other various and sundry things.  I am saving the food related items for another post dedicated strictly to the food and drink of New Orleans.  It's going to be beautiful, you just wait!  There will be coffee, beignets, and all kinds of wonderful delicious mouthwatering....

...oh sorry, my thoughts got distracted by food. That happens more than I will admit.  Back to the topic, the awesomeness found in the French marketplace.  Check these out!

Mardi Gras Beads French Market New Orleans LA

Mardi Gras Boubloons French Market New Orleans LA

Labeled Voodoo Dolls French Market New Orleans LA

If those are not the epitome of New Orleans, then I don't know what is!  I have some more photos to share of things we saw that just SCREAMED New Orleans.

Carnival mask.

Mardi Gras Mask New Orleans LA

Colorful feather boas.

Jennifer and Feather Boas New Orleans LA

Even got Frankie in on the boas. Can't get a serious photo of him, but you get the idea.

Frankie and Feather Boas New Orleans LA

St. Louis Cathedral.  We wanted to go in but all the times we went by the gate was locked.  We were really disappointed by that.  I bet it is beautiful inside.

St Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square New Orleans LA

The Musical Legends Park where they had statues of some of the great Jazz musicians.  There is also free live Jazz music and it is at a Cafe Beignet, where we stopped and got coffee and some beignet (French donuts).

Fats Domino-Al Jumbo Hirt-Pete Fountain at Musical Legends Park Cafe Beignet New Orleans LA

When you think of New Orleans, all those things mentioned above should come to mind.  Another thing that you  might think about is the river running through New Orleans.  One side of the French Quarter lies on the Mississippi River, so of course, we had to go see it while we were there!

Mississippi River and Bridge New Orleans LA

It's so pretty!  Speaking of pretty, we also walked to and through Louis Armstrong Park.  It was peaceful and I would love to relax there some warm spring day reading a book.  Let me share so you too can be nice and relaxed.

This is the main entrance to the park.  At night it lights up.  We didn't see it at night but if you would like to see an example click here and it will take to you a photo.

Louis Armstrong Park Entrance New Orleans LA

It would have been so amazing to see a Jazz band march by but this was as close as we got to seeing that.

Street Jazz Statue Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans LA

This is my favorite picture from the park.  I can feel the stress melt away just looking at it!

River in Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans LA

We saw Louis Armstrong himself....well not literally seeing how passed away over 40 years not in the flesh, but in the bronze.

Louis Armstrong Statue in Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans LA

The last set of photos I would like to share with you are just a random mix of the awesomeness found in the French Quarter.

Is this statue hailing a bus?  This is right near a bus stop after all.

Hailing Cab Statue outside of Louis Armstrong Park New Orleans LA

I liked the sign.  I liked what it said.  I like that it was yellow.  Could it get any better?  Oh! Maybe if I saw it lit up...yes, that would make it better!

Cajun Southern Food Sign New Orleans LA

I call these "Thumbprint Spheres", the artists on the other hand called them "River Stones".


To each their own.

River Stones by Terry Weldon New Orleans LA

This sign CRACKED me up!

Don't EvenThink of Parking Here Sign New Orleans LA

As we walked along I saw this house address and I know I got way too excited but I couldn't help it!  When was the last time you saw equivalent fractions unexpectedly??  I love whoever lives here.  I want to live with them.  They would understand me and my math ways. I bet they would even get my corny math jokes.  They would be my best friends!

Dear people at this address,
If you ever see this post please contact me.  We are already besties!
Sincerely Love, Jennifer

Equivalent Fraction House Address New Orleans LA

But hopefully they don't live here because I couldn't afford this rent...

For Rent Sign and Pricing for One Bedroom Apt in the French Quarters New Orleans LA

And finally, we were still in the south people, what can I say?

Peace Yall Christmas Lights New Orleans LA

I have talked about the decor and the awesomeness of the French Quarter.  My next post has to be all about the oddities of the French Quarter!  So stay tuned for that!

Until then.