Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Orleans - French Quarter Decor

While in New Orleans over Christmas we spent a lot of time walking around the French Quarter.  There are some beautiful sites in the French Quarter and I would like to share with you my finds.

First, let me show you some of those famous French Quarter balconies.

Fleur-de-lis Flags New Orleans LA

Balconies in French Quarter New Orleans LA

I really liked the ones that were decorated for the Holidays.

Balcony Decorated for Christmas New Orleans LA

Christmas Decorated Home New Orleans LA

There were lots of house decorated as well.
Yellow House Decorated for Christmas New Orleans LA

Christmas Wreaths New Orleans LA

Even some of the trees around the French Quarter were decorated.

Christmas Lights on Palm Tree New Orleans LA

So going from Christmas lights to street lights, check out all the lights on Rampart Street.

Rampart St French Quarter New Orleans LA

As we wandered around the French Quarter, outside of all the shops, there were some great details to be found.

There were houses painted many different colors all throughout the French Quarter.  I loved this pink house with purple shutters.  What caught my eye were the decorative support brackets under the eaves.  They are so pretty.

Pink House Purple Shutters New Orleans LA

Did you notice the shutters and the s-hooks by each of them?  Here is a close up of a different house but the same type of hooks.  I love that iron work!

Shutter Hooks New Orleans LA

Back in the day when these grand houses were built in the French Quarter, one family and their servants would fill them. Today the upkeep is usually too much for one family and these homes have been split into several apartments. Seeing how there is still only one door into a lobby type area they had to get creative when it came to who was at whose door and which mail went where.

One Door Many Apartments and Mailboxes New Orleans LA

Speaking of doors.  I saw two fabulous iron door knockers!  I really can't decide which I like more!

Lion Door Knocker New Orleans LA

Horned Man Door Knocker New Orleans LA

And then speaking of iron.   All in the French Quarter there are iron hitching post in the shape of horse heads.  Some are more decorative than others, but I do believe that all are original to the days of when people had to ride horses into town because there were no other options.  (As opposed to some country places, like where I live, where they do it just because they can.)

Hitching Post French Quarter New Orleans LA

So, those were some of the wonderful things we saw.  Now on the other hand, you surely have heard of Bourbon street in New Orleans. It is the mecca for Mardi Gras, drinking, partying, and general debauchery. Around Christmas time it is fairly empty but the bars and...ahem...gentlemen (if you can call them that) clubs are plentiful and open.

The picture I have of Bourbon street below is very tame, BUT, if we had children with us, I would have been mortified to take them down it.  There would have been some covered eyes and some, "I'll explain why that woman on the poster isn't wearing much clothing when you are older," quoting going on.

In fact, it was about 10 AM when we walked down Bourbon street and a man who worked at the place was trying to get us to go into the bar or adult place (I didn't look too closely).  When we just kept walking by him, he got slightly belligerent with us.  I am sure it was an isolated incident but it just added to the overall atmosphere.

French Quarters New Orleans LA

The final photo I would like to share, in a way, summed up our experience with the decor of the French Quarter.  In it you can see an ironwork balcony decorated for Christmas, the famous street signs (with Bourbon street!), and even some Mardi Gras beads!

Mardi Gras Beads on Bourbon and Bienville Sign New Orleans LA

Stay tuned, I have more to share about our trip to New Orleans including some more about the French Quarters!

Until then!