Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Orleans - The Road To Get There

For our Christmas trip this year we decided to go to New Orleans, Louisiana.  I had been one time before, but it was over a decade ago and Frankie had never been.  It is pretty much a straight shot from our house. We got on Interstate-10, headed east, took an exit about 11 hours later (including stops), and finally we were there!

There are a few more details between leaving the house and arriving at New Orleans that I want to share with you.

It took us about five hours to get to Houston.  Then after Houston there is STILL a TWO hour drive to get to Orange, TX which is the last town before the border between Texas and Louisiana.

We stopped at the Louisiana visitor center....

Louisiana Sign at LA Visitor Center

....which sits on the Sabine River...

Sabine River between TX and LA

...where we saw this sign.

LA Visitor Center
Wait!  Did that just say, free coffee?????   I am pretty sure I am going to L.O.V.E. Louisiana.  I mean, any state that gives me free coffee has GOT to be a good place.   It wasn't just any old coffee either.  It was a brand founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana called Community Coffee and has been around since 1919. (Not that one pot of coffee, but the company....)

Community Coffee at LA Visitor Center
We walked around outside the visitor center and looked at the Sabine river.  There were three things there that this west Texas, now south Texas girl is just not use to.

1.)  Rivers. Now snakes, those I am "use" to and I ALWAYS watch out for those things!

Beware of Snakes at Sabine River LA Visitor Center
2. Alligators.  So after the snake and alligator signs there would be no way in the world I would have gotten in the river to go swimming!

Beware of Aligators at Sabine River LA Visitor Center

3. Swamps.  I had to look up the definition just to make sure I knew what I was looking at.  

Natures Nest Swamp at LA Visitor Center

Those dead looking winter swamp trees are scary, especially with that dang spanish moss hanging all off them!

Swamp Tree Tops at LA Visitor Center
 There is a very true saying in Texas that goes something like, when you are from Texas and you decide to drive anywhere outside of Texas the longest part of the trip is getting out of your own state.   So, after visiting the visitor center we got back in the car and began the last FOUR hour leg of our journey to New Orleans. 

I was hoping we could make it to New Orleans in time to eat supper there, but I have come to the conclusion that there must be some kind of monster that gets into vehicles making long trips.  This monster gets in your gut as it comes through the air vents then into your nose. He then sucks up all the food you eat along the way making you stop more often to eat even more.  You know, I think his name just might be Boredom.

With still just over an hour to go we caved and stopped at Frankie's favorite southern restaurant, Waffle House!  I think he just wants to take trips due east of our house so he can go to the Waffle House.  This is the THIRD state in which we have eaten at Waffle House.  In fact, just this summer we went to Orlando, FL and Savannah, GA, it was just about the only place we ate.  At least that is the way it seems looking back.

Waffle House in LA

Traveling on we finally made it to New Orleans!  After just a little confusion about which exit to take for the hotel. After fighting some traffic due to a Tulane vs. LA-Lafayette football game.  After searching for parking at our downtown hotel which is near the Superdome (we could see it from our hotel window) in which the aforementioned football game was played thus causing all parking to be taken. After all that, we finally made it to our hotel and crashed.

Night Time view from Modern Hotel  New Orleans LA
Want to hear more about our trip to New Orleans?  Then stay tuned.  
Until then!