Monday, February 24, 2014

New Orleans - Street Music

While New Orleans is known for their food, they could possibly be known even more for their music.  It is a close race, to say the least.  As we walked in and around the French Quarter we often found people playing instruments and singing.  

I find that pretty amazing considering the weather was cold.  I don't know what drives these people to sit in the cold and sing.  I know they have to make some money from it, but really is it enough to survive?  Maybe it is if you are good enough.  I know the ones we saw, we really enjoyed. 

We heard two different types of music, Jazz and Cajun/Zydeco, both well know in New Orleans and the rest of the state of Louisiana.

Let's listen to some Jazz, shall we?

We saw these guys in Jackson Square. The man sitting sounded just like Louis Armstrong.  I didn't want to film him since no one else was around filming, but his voice was mesmerizing!

Jazz Singers at Jackson Square New Orleans LA

Now, just in case you don't know the voice of Louis Armstrong, I have added this video for your listening pleasure.

On another day, also in Jackson Square, we heard this band.

Jazz Group Jackson Square New Orleans LA

There were loads of people standing around filming them, so I didn't mind doing the same.  They were so fun to watch and just full of energy.

Here is a second video of them playing a very recognizable song.  And just in case you don't recognize it, the song is "When the Saints Go Marching In".

 Besides Jazz, another type of music we heard was either Zydeco or Cajun.  Based on the fiddles and lack of a rubboard, I am leaning towards this being Cajun.  Either way, it wasn't in English or their accent was so thick, that I couldn't understand it.

Plus, that dog was just too stinking cute!

Zydeco Band with Dog New Orleans LA

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

I liked it!  It was so upbeat and happy, that you can't help but smile.

I am sure in warmer weather there are more performers, but seeing how it was fairly cold, I say, we had a good show of the music of New Orleans.

This ends my posts on our Christmas 2013 trip to New Orleans.  I hope you enjoyed it.  

Our hope, our aim, our goal, is to be able to travel to Santiago, Chile this summer.

So until then!