Saturday, August 30, 2014

Palacio Nacional (National Palace) - Mexico City

As it turns out I was wrong.

I know! I was surprised too!

The National Palace is NOT where the president of Mexico lives.  It used to be the residence of the president but that ended in 1884.  So my information was WAAAAAAY old.

The National Palace IS still the president's official seat of power.  So while he may not sleep there he does occasionally sit there.  Close enough!

So here is the front of the National Palace, at least part of it.  It is a very large building!

National Palace Mexico City

Right in the center of the front of the building on the side that faces the Zocalo there is an opening.  That is where we went in.  There are very serious security guards at the entrance and you have to have your bags scanned and go through a metal detector.  You also have to guzzle down any water you may have because you can't take that mess in either.  

Once you are in, there are few places you can go and there are armed guards with their finger on the trigger, not joking, standing around to let you know where you can and can't go.  So don't worry about wandering into the wrong room, it's not going to happen.  Now then, why in the world would you want to go there anyways?

To see the mural The History of Mexico by Diego Rivera, of course!  If you see one mural of his, you might as well see another!

Diego Rivera Mural Right National Palace Mexico City

Diego Rivera Mural Center National Palace Mexico City

Diego Rivera Mural Left National Palace Mexico City

The entire second floor is filled with murals by Diego Rivera.  It is amazing!  Here is one more panel I would like to share of his work.

Diego Rivera Mural Flying Men National Palace Mexico City

If murals aren't your thing, you should still make a quick visit to the National Palace just for the views. 

Sun and Shadows Second Floor National Palace Mexico City

Central Courtyard National Palace Mexico City

Pegasus on Fountain in Central Courtyard National Palace Mexico City

It is free to go in and you know you will be nearby anyways when you visit the Zocalo, because you will visit the Zocalo!  I do recommend a stop in even if it is a quick one.

In my next post I will tell you all about the National Museum of Anthropology.  I didn't know what that meant either until I went there, so don't worry, you will learn.

Until then!