Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coyoacan Neighborhood - Mexico City

The day after we had our adventures at the Anthropology Museum and the Modern Art Museum, Frankie got sick.  I'm talking, sicker than a dog sick.  So we just hung out at the hotel all day.  He slept and I watched Netflix.  (Which by the way, you can watch more American movies in Mexico on Netflix than in America on Netflix!  What!?!)

I didn't want to venture out alone without Frankie while he was sick.  I get lost too easy.  I would have either 1.) never made it back because I had no idea where I was and would be too cheap to pay for a taxi although the taxis in Mexico were not that expensive or 2.) gone no further than the 7-11 a block away.

Actually I did go to the 7-11 a block away and was pretty proud of myself for making it back to the hotel.  I really don't understand how I do get so turned around, but I do.  Frankie on the other hand, I swear, can sense the direction we need to go and gets us there every time no matter where we are!  He amazes me!

By the next day he was feeling much better but still not 100%.  He was feeling well enough to go out and about so we headed to the neighborhood of Coyoacan.

Our first stop was going to be the Frida Kahlo museum but it wasn't open yet and we were hungry so breakfast became a priority.  We stopped at a restaurant called Pepe Coyotes.  Frankie took it easy and ordered simple scrambled eggs.  That wasn't actually on the menu and I didn't know how to say scrambled eggs in Spanish.  Luckily, I have the Google Translate app on my phone and I was able to type in the request and it was understood.

The menu was not in English so it was a little bit of a guess as to what I was going to get if I ordered:

Huevos Azteca
Extraordinarios huevos estrellados sobre nopalitos asados,
bañados con salsa verde, acompañado de cebollitas, frijoles refritos

I knew that cebollitas was onions and frijoles refritos were refried beans so I made sure to ask that those be left off.  I hate those plus this was breakfast and those don't sound like breakfast to my gringa ears.  Here is what was brought to me.

Huevos Azteca with Fruit and Bread at Pepe Coyotes Mexico City

There was cactus under those eggs!  I have had cactus before they taste tangy and green.  Yes, something CAN taste green.  I would have like it better had the eggs been fried more.  I don't care for runny eggs.  Overall though, it was good.

After I was stuffed and Frankie was scrambled egged up, we walked a short walk to the Jardin Centenario which is one of the beautiful plazas in the area.

Jardín Centenario Coyoacán Mexico City

In this plaza there is a church called Temple and Ex Convent of San Juan Bautista.  Just rolls off the tongue, right?  When we walked over there it was so crowded and people were just streaming out of it.

Temple and Ex Convent de San Juan Bautista Mexico City

As it turned out, it must have been First Communion for many children that day and we just happened to catch it right as it had ended.

It was interesting to see all the little girls in their white dresses.  I just happen to catch these two posing for someone else, so I sneaked a picture in myself.  Aren't they just adorable??

Two Mexican Girls After First Communion Temple and Ex Convent de San Juan Bautista Mexico City

Once it cleared out a little more we were able to go into the church.  I am not sure how this whole First Communion works because it seemed as if services were still going on after most everyone had left.  We sat down quietly in the back so I could take few pictures then we left out of respect.

Inside Temple and Ex Convent de San Juan Bautista Mexico City

Across the street we found an artisan market.  So in we went!  The word Coyoacan has a meaning that deals with coyotes and we saw several statues around the area of coyotes.  Including this one at the artisan market.

Mexican Market in Coyoacan Mexico City

I don't know if you noticed the man sweeping in the above picture, but check out his broom in the photo below.  You don't see a broom like that everyday!  (You know, unless you live where they have brooms like that....)

Old Fashion Broom Mexico City

The artisan market had some really interesting things in it.

Food for one.  Food is always interesting! Especially, sweet food!

Dulces in Mexican Market in Coyoacan Mexico City

There was also clothing.  I love these Mexican shirts.  They are so colorful and pretty and may I add extremely comfortable!  Plus, check out the little ones at the bottom.  Precious!

Blouses in Mexican Market in Coyoacan Mexico City

Among the many other things there was also jewelry.

Earrings in Mexican Market in Coyoacan Mexico City

It was really fun walking around in there.  I managed to contain myself and only bought some of the cutest magnets ever.  These little guys are tiny.  They are maybe 3 inches tall each.  Adorable!

As we strolled from the artisan market towards the food market we saw this beautiful lamp post.  I just fell in love with it.

Pegasus Lamp Post Mexico City

I am not sure why.  Maybe it goes back to the days when I had My Little Ponies.  I am talking the original ones, too.  Not these modern day freaky looking ones with their big bulging eyes! (Which by the way, how DARE they call the original ones VINTAGE!!  I'm pretty sure I am insulted!)

We walked around the plaza and artisan market for awhile so don't raise your eyebrows when I say that once we got to the food market it was time to eat again.

There were several places to choose from and we went with one that wasn't crowded and we could sit down.  The menu was fairly simple to understand, it was either going to be tacos or tortas (sandwiches) filled with the meat of your choice.

Meat Choices at La Consentida Coyoacan  Mexico City

When you are in a foreign country you sometime have to overlook a few safety and/or sanitation concerns to be able to eat.  You see those bowls of meat?  The cook would take some out of the bowl and heat it up on the grill.  Then whatever part he didn't use, he would put right back in that bowl.  Like I said, sometimes you just have to let it go and eat.   The crazier thing to me was that I didn't see any flies buzzing around any of the food in this market.  Not one.

Frankie opted for the tacos. He said they were good.

Asada Tacos at La Consentida Coyoacan  Mexico City

I opted for the torta.  In Spanish, torta does  mean cake, but I have also always understood it to mean sandwich too.  It must be a more Mexican thing than Spain thing and since we are so close to Mexico living in Texas, I had always heard it have both meanings.

Asada Torta at La Consentida Coyoacan  Mexico City

After eating, yet again.  Hush. We wandered around the market to admire the offerings.

Those tomatoes are not $16 per kilogram.  Mexico uses the $ to denote pesos as well.  That converts (at the time of the writing) to just a little over a $1 USD for about 2 pounds.  Super cheap!!

Vegetables at Coyoacan Market Mexico City

This was some kind of candy.  They were too cute and I am slightly upset that the photo came out blurry.  I was trying to hurry.  I had even asked (in Spanish thank you very much) the lady if I could take a picture and she said yes.  So I am disappointed I didn't slow down to get a good one.

Dulces at Coyoacan Market Mexico City

One of these days I am going to buy a dragon fruit and then I am going to look online what to do with it once I have bought it.  At the very least, I will buy one to just take pictures of it because they really are just so beautiful!

Fruit at Coyoacan Market Mexico City

I end here because in a separate post I am going to tell you about the National Museum of Popular Culture and the Frida Kahlo Museum both of which are in the Coyoacan neighborhood.  I hope you will come back to read about those.

Until then!