Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Odd Signs And Strange Wonders Of Mexico City

I love finding things that shouldn't be funny, but really truly are hilarious, at least to me anyways.  Mexico City had plenty of things that I found funny.  Let me share.

I will start with odd signs.

At the hotel the sign on the door said, "No Molestar".  I translated that to, "Please don't come into our room in the middle of the night and molest us in our sleep."    Also, just now looking at it, I see, "No Mole Star".  Not sure what a mole star is but I am pretty sure I don't want one of those either!

No Molestar Sign Mexico City

Duck Dynasty is international AND in Spanish "quack" is "cuak"!  I find both extremely interesting.  I really wonder if the people of Mexico think that all southern Americans are like the people on Duck Dynasty.  That's a scary thought!

Duck Dynasty Billboard in Mexico City

I have a feeling that this electronic truck billboard would be banned in America due to the distraction factor.  I mean, really, people would have to look up from their phones as they drive and that is a major distraction!

I am still baffled by this sign.  

Burger King Bathrooms For Customers Only-Avoid Discomfort Mexico City

According to Google translate it says, "Bathrooms are for Burger King customers."  Ok, I can understand that.  But then it goes on to say in the last line, "Avoid discomfort".

Avoid discomfort???   

As in if you go in there, you are going to get shocked on your tushy if you didn't make a purchase first?   


As in, be sure you buy something so you can go into the bathroom in order to avoid the discomfort of having to go to the bathroom??

I  just don't know!!

Anyhow, the next sign has to be my favorite because it is so open to interpretation if you don't understand Spanish.  We saw them in several places including our hotel.

What it actually tells you is what do in the case of an earthquake or fire.

Here is what I how I translated the sign as to what you should do according to the pictures.

  1. Put on a polo shirt WITH a pocket in case you need a place to put something small.
  2. Near the stove there will be a box of trash.  Put your hand in it.  I can't figure out why but if the sign says so then you must obey!  Maybe in the box you will find the thing you are suppose to put in the tiny pocket on your shirt.
  3. I am not sure what it is that is chasing you, but you should run past the window to get away from it.
  4. Do not go through these doors!  The thing chasing you must be behind them, so avoid those doors!
  5. Go find your friend who climbed under the desk to get away from the thing chasing people and tell them it is ok to come out now because the scary thing is now behind the doors.
  6. You been through a lot.  You should leave.  Just get out of there.  Run as fast as you can!

What To Do In An Earthquake or Fire Mexico City

  1. Put back on that polo shirt with the pocket for that small item you might find.
  2. Take the smelly trash out!
  3. If you don't someone is going to yell at you after you have changed clothes and put on a tie!
  4. You can try to kill the smell with super strength Lysol.
  5. But the police will still know that you need to take it out and will tell you to do so.
  6. Realize that your trash stinks so bad that you have to go outside to get some fresh air.
  7. But if the doors are blocked....
  8. Cover your nose
  9. And crawl on the floor.  Bad smells rise.  On the floor you can live your life in peace without the smell of your trash interfering with your life.   
I am not sure what the smelly trash has to do with fire but this is what the signs say!  Who am I to question the sign??

That is all the signs that I have and now I would like to move on to the strange wonders of Mexico City.

These cigarette warnings might fall under signs but then again they don't.  Either way, the graphic pictures on the cigarettes were crazy!  One of them warns of an infarto cardiaco and that is just funny to say!

Cigarette Warnings on Packages Mexico City

I am not sure why the crosswalks had stencils of kings, but they did.  *shrug*  I liked it!

King Street Crossing Mexico City

Look!  Real-life Despicable Me minions!

Tree Trimming Minions Mexico City

These next photos were not really strange, I just really liked them for one reason or another.

I had trouble deciding if this was was a Christmas shrine to the Virgin Mary or just a shrine to the Virgin Mary very festively decorated.

Virgin Mary Shrine in a Market Place Mexico City

I like the simplicity of this shrine.  I love the colors of this shrine.  I love the placement of this shrine.

Virgin of Guadalupe on Pink House Mexico City

How pretty are these colorful guitars??  They were cheap too at only roughly $4 a piece!  I should have bought one.  Who doesn't need a fun colorful dust collector like that??

Colorful Small Guitars Mexico City

In the same storefront on the opposite side of the guitars were these lovely sombreros.  Again, should have bought one of those dust collectors!!  NO!  I know for a fact that the hat would have been worn daily!  Right??

Colorful Sombreos Mexico City

Last on my list of the odd and strange is the food section.

I found it interesting that there was a separate window for McDonald's ice cream.  In fact, I think this one had no full McDonald's attached to it, it was just for ice cream!  Mexico City is AMAZING!!  Any place that promotes ice cream is my kind of place!

Now don't panic, an ice cream cone in Mexico City does not cost $8 American dollars.  It does cost 8 pesos which is a mere 60 cents in American money!  SIXTY CENTS!  That is a price I can handle!

Window just for McDonalds Ice Cream Mexico City

Speaking of small spaces where food is served, check out this tiny quesadilla place!  What you see is the entire place!  In many of the big cities we have been to in on our travels, if there is a space, they will sell something from it!  I have been in some tiny convenience stores, let me tell you what!

Small Quesadilla Shop Mexico City

There were stands like the one below all over the city.  You could get Doritos, Chitos (I think they were trying for Cheetos), nachos with ketchup (blaaaahhh!), and other not so healthy snacks.

Street Vendor Mexico City

Check out this can.  When I looked it the first time I thought it was an orange and hot dog flavored drink.  I was highly grossed out.  Then I looked closer and lo and behold it was thankfully an orange and carrot flavored drink.  The sad thing is, that I thought that orange and hot dog might have been an actual concoction!  

Carrot and Orange Juice Mexico City

And finally, on our way to the airport to go home I was gazing outside the taxi window.  That is when I saw this...

Plucked Chickens in Back of Truck Mexico City

...yeap, that is a truck bed full of dead plucked chickens.   That has got to violate some kind of sanitation code!  Well, it would in America anyways!!

This ends my posts on our trip to Mexico City. I hope you have enjoyed the trip with us.

I have a few shorter trips we took during the summer to post about.  This Christmas we have plans to go to Poland.  I hope you will return to read about our other summer trips and then the big Christmas trip.

Until then!