Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guadalupe Mountains National Park - Far West Texas

After our visit to Carlsbad Caverns National Park we made a stop at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

This park contains the highest point in Texas.  It is the Guadalupe Mountain and it has an elevation of 8,749 feet.   In other words, if I were to duplicate myself and then stack me on top of me's, it would take 1,721 of me's stacked but only 1,438 of duplicated Frankie's stacked!  Or!  If you duplicated both Frankie and me and stacked us one after the other, it would take 1,567 of us!  Man!  I really bring down that average, don't I!

We didn't have time to see much of the park.  In fact, we only had time to watch a video about the park and to walk around a short trail near the visitor's center.  Even those two events were enough to cause us to want to go back!  I don't have much to say about the park since we weren't there long, but I would like to share some pictures.  I'll let them do the talking for me.

Isn't it breathtaking?

After our brief stop at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park we headed out to Big Bend National Park.   It was a national park kind of trip!  My next post will be about our time in Big Bend.

Until then!