Monday, May 11, 2015

Christmas In Poland

So, what does Poland look like at Christmas time?  Beautiful!


But beautiful!

Poland has an interesting nativity scene and it not like anything I have seen anywhere else.  It is called a Kraków szopka.  We saw them in all different sizes and made out of all different materials.

The largest one we saw was at St. Francis Basilica in Krakow. It had moving parts and everything!

Large Kraków szopka-Nativity Scene at St Francis Basilica

At many of the churches we went into we saw some made by children.  There was even one made out of pasta!

There were, of course, ones pre-made ready to buy at the Christmas market.

Kraków szopka-Nativity Scene

Speaking of the Christmas market.....

Grilled Meat at the Christmas Market Krakow

Let's take a closer look at what was going on there.

Closeup Grilled Meat at Christmas Market Krakow

Not into grilled meat?  How about pierogis and all the possibilities they can contain?  (Ok, really, I don't know what the sign says, but isn't it pretty??)

List of Pierogi Flavors Christmas Market Krakow

For a true Christmas in Poland experience, we had some smoked Polish cheese with cranberry jam.  Oh my!  Yum!

Smoked Polish Cheese with Cranberry Jam at Christmas Market Krakow

There were all kinds of sweets to be had.  You didn't even need to look hard for them!

The most interesting were these chocolates in the shapes of tools!  How cool is that!

Tool Shaped Chocolates at Christmas Market Krakow

For just around a mere $2 they had chocolate covered tangerines, grapes, or even a chili pepper on a stick!!  I did have the grapes and they were so good!  The market was a wonderful wonderful magical place my friends!

Chocolate Covered Grapes at Christmas Market Krakow

One last photo from the Christmas market. Lollipops, just because they were pretty!

Lollipops at Christmas Market Krakow

How about some Christmas decorations?

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip.  There is just something about that tree in with the European city buildings that makes me happy.

Outdoor Christmas Tree-Krakow

In Old Town Warsaw they had lights projected onto the buildings.  It made for a lovely sight to see!

Lights and stars Old Town Warsaw

What was really neat in Warsaw was the lights projected onto the Royal Castle.  


Snowflakes on Royal Castle Warsaw

We didn't go into the castle, but the outside was nice.  In front of the castle was even more Christmas decorations.  It included a massive tree, presents, and ornaments.

Christmas tree and ornaments in front of Royal Castle Warsaw

Here is a different view of the Christmas tree.  I loved it!  So sparkly!

Christmas Tree at Royal Castle Warsaw

What I have loved in the cities we have gone to at Christmas time have been the lights that get strung across the streets.  I don't get to see that often since were we live isn't set-up for such things.  So when I do get to see it, I soak it in!  Here are three for your gazing pleasure.

Christmas Street Decoration Krakow

Street lights Warsaw

String Street Lights Warsaw

One last thing to share are these giant outdoor ornaments and presents.  I haven't seen anything like them in another city.  They were so neat!

There were plain ball ornaments.

Large Outside Christmas Ornament Krakow

Plain ball ornaments that you could walk through.

Large Walk Through Outside Christmas Ornament Krakow

And as my final picture for this post, sparkly presents that you could walk through.

Lighted Present Warsaw

These were sprinkled all through out both Krakow and Warsaw.  It was nice to see all the decorations and lights for Christmas!

I hope you stay tuned for my next post which will be the strange and great things we came across while in Krakow and Warsaw!

Until then!