Friday, June 5, 2015

Graffiti Park in Austin Texas

A few weeks back I had the privilege of taking (with the help of a great co-worker/friend) our school's UIL Accounting team to the State UIL meet in Austin, Texas.  This is a pretty big deal.  Out of all the schools of our size in Texas only the top 5 teams make it to the State meet to compete.  While they didn't medal, they still placed fairly high.  I have a feeling that next year they will do even better!

It was a little bit of a wild ride getting there.  As we got closer to Austin we ran into a horrible, strong thunderstorm that including possible tornadoes and flooding.  We had to pull over and stop at a sporting goods store to wait it out.  We waited for over TWO hours!  It finally cleared and we made it to the hotel with clear skies from then on out for the rest of the trip.

Since it was an overnight trip we had some extra time to explore some points in Austin.  One place that we went to I had never been to before.  It is called Graffiti Park (officially called HOPE Outdoor Gallery).

The park is multi-leveled. It is a place for artist and wannabe artist.  As you can see, some are better than others!  It is always changing and evolving as people cover other people's work.  The photo you see here, will not be the same view you see if you get the chance to go.

If you have trouble climbing, and I don't mean stairs, I mean climbing with a good good chance of falling, then this park is best seen from this view only.  (I was so sore for days later after one climb up and one climb down!)  ((I don't know what that really says....but let's move on!!))

Grafitti Park Austin TX

I would like to share a few of the more interesting works of graffiti I saw.  (Some of these can hardly be classified as graffiti!  They are just too amazing!)

Mask Grafitti Park Austin TX

I wasn't drawn to this one because of the talent behind it, but because of the fact that just about everything had paint on it there.  (Ok, the robot, or whatever you would call that, is kind of cute!)

Robot Grafitti Park Austin TX

When I say everything had paint on it, I mean everything!  Stumps, the weeds, the walls, the rocks, so on...

Stump Grafitti Park Austin TX

We saw some American patriotism happening.  I am assuming they didn't have white paint...

Flag Grafitti Park Austin TX

I really liked this one.  It's just a dude going on about his life, maybe about to do a time warp, maybe just passing another piece of art in his two-dimensional world, who knows.

Boy Grafitti Park Austin TX

I found the word "LOVE" to be interesting.  It was three-dimensional and I am not sure how they got it to stick.  This love can't be covered up by paint.  This love will always stand out.  Awh!

Love Grafitti Park Austin TX

The bear and the octopus were two of the better paintings I saw.  I have no idea how someone can do that.  Every time I try to use spray paint, it just runs and looks horrible.  These both have shading and everything!  Very impressive!

Bear and Octopus Grafitti Park Austin TX

Overall the place was rather dirty but not in a bad part of town.  Plus, in all fairness it had POURED the day before and the area directly below the park had flooded.  There was trash everywhere and empty paint cans, I am not sure if that is how it always is or if the rain had a hand in that.  Just know that climbing to the top is difficult so be prepared for that.  I would go again but try to find a different way up and down than I did this time. Since it is always changing, there would always be something new to see.

So I lied and said my next post would be about Singapore.  I forgot I had these photos on my phone to share.  I hope you are forgiving of my lie.  It was unintentional! I promise!

For real, next posts will be about our trip to Singapore. I hope you will return to read all about it!

Until then!