Friday, September 18, 2015

Singapore Art Museum

While in Singapore we decided to go to an art museum. We didn't know what to expect from the Singapore Art Museum, but knew it was contemporary art.  Which basically means, it could be anything.

So let's go visit it together, shall we?  Let's see if any of the art made me angry, because that is what some contemporary art tends to do.  Although sometimes it really does amaze me in its weirdness.

The art museum is housed in a former mission school.

Singapore Art Museum

It was really neat inside.  I could just picture the children going down these breezeways.

Inside Singapore Art Museum

Or hanging out in this awesome courtyard.

Courtyard of Singapore Art Museum

Now onto the art!  I am just going to show you a few of the pieces that I really liked.  As it turned out there wasn't really anything that made me so angry that I have to rant about it.

One of the first pieces we saw and really liked was called Cabinet by Gao Lei.  Here is what it looked like.

Cabinet Singapore Art Museum

But in each of those lighted holes there were strange scenes to behold.  Here are just a few.

Pigs Inside Cabinet Singapore Art Museum

Rabbits Inside Cabinet Singapore Art Museum

Dinosaur Inside Cabinet Singapore Art Museum

Out of all photos that we saw while there, this next one was my absolute favorite.  I am not sure why it moves me, but it does. It is Untitled by Singaporean photographer Nguan.

Untitled Photo Singapore Art Museum

Another piece of art that both Frankie and I really found interesting was one called Self-Portrait (No More Tears Mr. Lee) by Jason Wee.

Self-Portrait Singapore Art Museum

Upon closer inspection this large installation is created by opened or closed shampoo tops!

Close up of Materials used for Self-Potrait Singapore Art Museum

How cool is that?? You just scrolled back up to look at that one in whole again, didn't you?  I don't blame you, it was amazing!

The next one was crazy creepy and in a dark room to boot but it was so stinking amazing that we kept walking around just staring.  It is called Summit by Shen Shaomin.  

Summit Singapore Art Museum

It is life-sized wax figures of some of the top Communist leaders in recent time, all of them dead except Fidel Castro, hence him not being under glass.

Oh, you want a closer look at the creepiness that looks way too real factor?  Ok, you asked for it!

Fidel Castro Summit Singapore Art Museum

Vladimir Lenin Summit Singapore Art Museum

Ho Chi Minh Summit Singapore Art Museum

Mao Zedong Summit Singapore Art Museum

Kim Il-sung Summit Singapore Art Museum

Way too realistic!!  I wanted to reach out and poke on, but would have been too freaked out to do so.

Let's move to much more unrealistic looking figures!

These carving are all by Kamin Lertchaiprasert called Sitting and there were a total of 366 of them, representing the number of days in a leap year.  (Not sure why that was important, but that is what the sign said....)

This is only about one-third of them.

Sitting Left Side Singapore Art Museum

Let me show you four of the 366 that were my favorites.

There is just something about skeletons!  

Skeleton Sitting Singapore Art Museum

 I wonder what could possibly be in those speech bubbles, although they look more like thought clouds.  Maybe, now hold on here, I am going to get symbolic and this doesn't happen often, they are thoughts that we wish we could say, but we hold back instead.  

Whoa, goosebumps!

Thoughts Sitting Singapore Art Museum

I really just liked this one because it had the date.  It made me wonder if he carved them all in one year.  I am sure he could have

September Sitting Singapore Art Museum

Which if he did carve them all in one year, this day he was just not feeling it.

Blank Sitting Singapore Art Museum

One last art piece to share with you.

It is called For She Loved Fiercely and She is Well-Loved by Geraldine Javier.  As soon as we laid eyes on it, we knew who it was.

For She Loved Fiercely and She is Well-Loved Singapore Art Museum

Frida Kahlo!  We thought it was a painting by Frida herself, but it wasn't.  It was cool to recognize something from our other travels, this one being our trip to Mexico City when we went to the Frida Kahlo Museum.

There were other pieces in the museum that we liked but these were the ones that really stood out.  It was a good art museum and I am glad we went.

I have one last post that I am going to write about Singapore and it is about a place called Haw Par Villa.  It was like NOTHING else we have EVER seen.  You HAVE to come back to read it.

Until then!