Sunday, October 25, 2015

International Museum of Art and Science - McAllen Texas

Just about every summer we head down to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  This summer was no exception.  While we were there we decided to go to the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen.

International Museum of Art and Science McAllen TX

There was a gorgeous mosaic sun and plants right before going in the front door.  I would love to have that at my house!  (IF I thought I could get away with it, I would have snatched it right then and there and then freaked out and brought it back with great shame because that's how I roll.)

Oustide Decor at IMAS McAllen TX

For Frankie and I the science part of the museum wasn't very impressive.  It was geared towards children, which is great for the city of McAllen, but didn't do much for use.  So we crossed over to the art section of the museum.  

It was nice, and had potential but there wasn't much to it.  There was one exhibit that I chose to take no picture of because of the subject.  It was photos taken of the aftermath of September 11 and I didn't feel right taking photos of them.  

I am not sure how I am going to feel about it when we go to Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum this December either.  I think that it might be different and I will want to take pictures because we will be there where it happened and no so far removed as I felt in the southern tip of Texas.

Here are a few pictures from some of the other exhibits in the museum.

There was an entire room filled with stained glass.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The pictures do not do them justice, but it is a start.

Stained Glass Exhibit IMAS McAllen TX

Many of the pieces came from different churches in the northeast part of the United States.  The one below is depicting Jesus blessing children and was originally in Christ Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York.  I tried searching for this particular church online but didn't have much luck.  Either the name has been changed or it no longer exists, which makes more sense since the stained glass is now sitting in a museum in south Texas as opposed to in the church in New York.

Jesus Blessing the Children Stained Glass from Christ Episcopal Church Brooklyn NY  IMAS McAllen TX

Stained glass really is pretty.  Look at this close-up and all the details that go into it.  It is just marvelous!

Stained Glass up close  IMAS McAllen TX

Another exhibit was called Inherent Trajectories by Richard Slechta.  There wasn't a bunch of information about the works or artist, but the link to the IMAS info page and his website link above gives some information.  They were interesting but with no help, I was lost, because remember I am an art idiot, especially abstract art.

Inherent Trajectories by Richard Slechta  IMAS McAllen TX

One last exhibit that I would like to share was one on printmaking.  This actually was some of the entries from the Fourth Mexican "Shinzaburo Takeda" Biennial of Printmaking.  According to the website, 
"Now in its fourth installment, the Biennial was created in 2008 through the efforts of a group of artists from Oaxaca lead by Japanese printmaker and Maestro Shinzaburo Takeda in order to create a forum that would foster the creation of new artistic works that showcase the traditional techniques of printmaking."
Below were my three favorites.

Printmaking Exhibit  IMAS McAllen TX

The Flock by Dario Castillejos Lazcares Printmaking  IMAS McAllen TX

Lupita by Ismael Vargas Printmaking  IMAS McAllen TX

This one deserves a close-up!  It looked like a quilt to me.  I love all the small details.

Close up of Lupita by Ismael Vargas Printmaking  IMAS McAllen TX

After seeing all we could see in the museum, we headed back to the car and I took one last picture of a replica colossal Olmec head.  There is not much known about them but there have been seventeen discovered.  They are from the Olmec civilization which was located along the Gulf Coast of Mexico (1200 BC - 400 BC).

Replica of Colossal Olmec Head IMAS McAllen TX

It reminded me of when we were in Rome and I had a picture of this large foot that I wanted to find.  We finally found it in the Capitoline Museum.  That is a story that you will have to read for yourself.  Frankie still acts mad about us traipsing all around Rome looking for the "giant toe" as he calls it.

That is all for my summer posts.  There were a few other places we went, but I am just not up to blogging about them.  What can I say?

I hope that you will stay tuned.  We have plans to travel to New York City for this year's Christmas trip.  It should be amazing and I can't wait to share it with you!

Until then!