Saturday, April 9, 2016

Central Park - New York City

I am sure that Central Park in New York City is a spectacular sight in the spring, but it definitely has its charms in the winter.  Even if it WAS raining the entire time we were walking around.

The rain actually allowed us to have the place basically to ourselves.  So I can't really complain too much.  I doubt I would have gotten such a nice picture of Imagine in Strawberry Fields had the weather been nice.

Strawberry Fields Central Park NYC

When we walked up to the monument, Frankie goes, "This is all it is?"

Yes, Frankie.  That is all it is.  Come on now, find the beauty, Mr. English teacher!

The rain doesn't stop the carriage rides through the park though!  We didn't take one, but it looked lovely.

Horse Drawn Carriage Central Park NYC

You can't stop and take pictures if you are in a carriage and pictures needed to be taken!

Just look at Sheep Meadow for example!  Simply beautiful. During the winter they let the grass rest and they give it some much needed TLC to prepare it for the next go round.

Sheep Meadow of Central Park NYC

During the summer it is not fenced off and people lay out there and enjoy the day.

They can do that in New York City because their summer temperatures don't hover near 100 every stinking day!  You lay out in Texas during the summer for even a few minutes and you end up toast!

There are benches all around Central Park and most if not all have memorial plaques on them.  This is just one example of the ones we saw.  I found this one very touching.

In Memory Bench Plaque Central Park NYC

It is amazing to find this large patch of nature in such a metropolitan place as New York City.  Not only that, but it a beautiful place to go.  There are monuments, fountains, and bridges all over the park.  I would love to spend more time there, but even in the short time we were there and the small percent we walked through we managed to find a several highlights.

This is the one bridge that we decided to see.  It is called Bow Bridge and I fell in love with it.  It is the second oldest cast iron bridge in America.

Bow Bridge Central Park NYC

I just love all the details on it and the slight bow to it, hence the name.

Walkway of Bow Bridge Central Park NYC

As we were walking along we came upon Cherry Hill Fountain.  

Cherry Hill Fountain Central Park NYC

There were several pedicabs nearby and one of them was playing the theme song from Friends.  We were thinking that it was really neat that we got to see the fountain that is in the opening credits of the show but later on I did some research.  It is definitely NOT the fountain from Friends.  That fountain is not even in New York City, it is in a studio in Los Angeles!

Well, I have never been so insulted and lead astray in my life!

Ok, not really.

But still!

Ok, let's move on!  No bitterness!

There are several bodies of water in Central Park this one is called The Lake and is the second largest one in the park.

The Lake Central Park NYC

As we continued around The Lake we saw this thing and had no idea what it was.

Ice Rescue Ladder Central Park NYC

We had to get a closer look.

Ice Rescue Ladder Info Central Park NYC

Our little Texas hearts got a tad overexcited at this.  This was a first!  Once we got over the fact the lake could freeze over, we then had to understand what the ladder was for.  I think I am still a little perplexed and am extremely thankful that: 
  1. The lake wasn't frozen (Although, I wouldn't have minded see that. I wouldn't have tried to walk on it though.  I can't wrap my head around that concept.)
  2. No one needed one of us to use that ladder to help them. (They would have had to wait as we looked for an instruction booklet or something because we really just weren't sure.)

Calmed, we continued our journey. These next two pictures I just really liked and that is the only reason I want to share them.  They  make me happy.

Red Berries on Tree Central Park NYC

Birds in Tree Central Park NYC

Our final stop before leaving the park was to Bethesda Terrace and the Bethesda Fountain.  Notice the birds on the wings and head of the fountain.  They were spaced so perfectly that it took a moment to realize they were not part of the statue!

Bethesda Fountain Central Park NYC

I didn't get a good picture of the terrace because of the direction we entered it, but I think this picture is still a lovely sight.

Bethseda Terrance Central Park NYC

This was my favorite moment of our entire trip.  As we stood under the arcade finally out of the rain, some musicians with a cello and a violin started to play Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.  

Under Bethseda Terrance Central Park NYC

Now I am not normally a Christmas music fan but there was just something about that moment where everything felt perfect.  There were no worries, no cares, we were just enjoying being. I was so enchanted that I didn't even think to record them playing.  They stopped playing but I wanted to hear more so we sat along the wall and waited, hoping they would oblige. 

Now here is where it gets really good and this is the story I mentioned in my last post.  We are sitting there hoping for more music when we see a couple dressed in wedding attire walk up.  We both thought they were going to take wedding photos and it would have a been a cool place to take them.

But then we noticed they had walked over to the musicians and there were a few other people over there as well.  Right before our eyes, the two people who had seemingly randomly walked up were then married. 

Just like that.

Marriage at Bethseda Terrance Central Park NYC

Now they did have a photographer, so this is not the only picture of their wedding, thank goodness, but still the only witnesses were the people they hired, some tourists (that's us), and a homeless man who kept dropping his water bottle as he nodded off to sleep.

I am sure they had their reasons, but it made us a little sad that it didn't seem to be anyone there for them.

I still find it crazy that there we were minding our own business and BAM!, witnessed a wedding!

How often does that happen??

I hope you enjoyed our walk through the park and will come back soon to read my next post which will be all about the Museum of Modern Art.  If you have read any of my other rants posts about modern art, then you know what you  might have in store for you!

Until then!