Saturday, April 23, 2016

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City

I didn't realize it until I started looking at my photos but this is going to be my last post on New York City. We saw and did so much more than what I have blogged about, but I just wanted to cover the highlights. If you would like to look through all my photos from the trip check them out on Flickr.

For as long as Frankie could remember he wanted to one day visit The Met. It is an amazing place with more art than we could really see in just one day, even though we were there for FIVE hours! If you ever get the chance to go, do it! Don't let the price of $25 per person stop you because according to the website:

"If you buy tickets at a museum ticket counter, the amount you pay is up to you."

So guess who was willing to stand in line and say, "Two tickets, please and I would like to pay $10 total?"

That's right, cheap pants me!

Frankie said he was too embarrassed to do it.

I compared to like winning a prize! It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

Now there are some things you need to know about The Met.

1. It is a huge place!

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I am talking several floors with hundreds of rooms and over two million pieces of work. Just look at the map!!
Map of Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
2. It is filled with tons of old stuff!

Those crazy Greeks and Egyptians made so much art that we have seen it in just about every art museum we've been!
Marble Sphinx Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I think they started to run out of normal things to sculpt and had to get a little creative to come up with something new. Or maybe this was just the hair style of the day.

Head of a Woman Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

One thing we did see that stood out was this sarcophagus. Frankie and I made the decision then and there that THIS is how we will be buried. There was no doubt in our minds and we both agreed instantly! I just hope my face isn't rotted off like this poor lady's.

Sarcophagus Lid with Reclining Couple Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
3. There is stuff from all over the world!

You know those small islands in the Pacific that no one really talks about or knows about unless they live there. (Sorry people that live there, but it is true. I don't think I can name one island in the Pacific Ocean beyond Hawaii. Fiji, maybe???)  

Anyhow, they even had art from those kind of places!!
Baining Night Dance Masks Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Boat from New Guinea Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

There was just something about this bird headed whistle (that is what they called it) from Veracruz Mexico that I just loved. That little bird seems to have the cutest little sassy attitude! I just wanted to snatch him up and put him in my purse. But I didn't. Because that would be stealing and stealing is wrong. Plus, I don't want to go to jail over something like that no matter how tempting!

Bird Headed Figure Whistle Mexico Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

4. There is stuff to mock.

Of course, any art museum I go to, I am going to find something to mock.

But come on!

Look at this!
Marsyas Balthasar Permoser Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

And maybe it just me, but if this lady is so cold, I think some pants would help!

Winter Jean Antoine Houdon Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I can't decide if this is a lion like they called it or if it is just a really hairy dog. I am leaning towards really hairy dog.

Lion Johann Gottlieb Kircher Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

It is a sign of the times I am sure, but when I saw this first from the back, I could have sworn the lady was holding her baby and taking a selfie! Even from the front she had this big grin on her face. Once I saw it as a selfie taker, I couldn't un-see it!

Back View of Baccante and Infant Faun Frederick Willaim MacMonnies Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
5. Just like there was of course, Greek and Egyptian art, there is of course, religious stuff.
The Entombment of Christ Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I did really like this one. I have never seen the last supper in sculpture form!

The Last Supper Scultpure Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

This did have an angel theme which was nice and religious, but the really cool part was the fact that this is a mantel clock! The arrow the angel on the left is holding was pointing to the hour and right above that was another wheel that showed the minute. I was fascinated by it!

Mantel Clock Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
6. There is modern art.  

Oh man....there is modern art.

Art made out of clothes hangers.
Obstruction Man Ray Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The only reason I took a picture of this next one was because of what it was called.

Are you ready for this?

Woman Grinding Coffee

Woman Grinding Coffee Jean Dubuffet Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Yeap, modern art....

This one is just a tad creepy until we read the title: Government Bureau and then it became so very fitting.

Government Bureau George Tooker Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
7. There are pieces by famous artists.

Salvador Dali, although not one of his more famous ones because if you read my last post, one of them, The Persistence of Memory is at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
The Accommodations of Desire Salvador Dali Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Cow's Skull-Red White and Blue Georgia OKeeffe Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat Vincent van Gogh Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
8. There is American stuff!

You would think since we LIVE in America that we would get to see more American pieces but really since America is such a baby nation compared to Greece, Egypt, and just all of Europe basically, I can't be THAT surprised we don't.

We did get to see Washington Crossing the Delaware thought. That was a highlight! It almost doesn't get anymore American than that!
Washington Crossing the Delaware Emauel Leutze Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Frankie stood there staring at and photographing this massive painting for probably ten minutes. I am still not sure what he saw...but he really really liked the painting!

Frankie and Washington Crossing the Deleware Emanuel Leutze Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

When I said that America was a young country, I of course, I meant that the "count" started when the white people came and invaded an already established country. Of course.

I know Hiawatha was American before being American was cool! Such a trendsetter!
Hiawatha Augustus Saint-Gaudens Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Speaking of white people coming in and taking over in a very violent fashion....

I did really like this painting. It is titled: A Bit of War History - The Contraband, The Recruit, The Veteran. The title is long and the meaning is deep!
A Bit of War History-The Contraband, The Recruit, The Veteran Thomas Waterman Wood Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

9. There is weird American stuff.

I am not 100% sure what is happening here, but all I can hear is that man saying, "There's a tornader acoming!" (Must be said in a strong southern accent for full affect.)

John Brown by John Steuart Curry Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The kid has a squirrel on a chain. No clue.

Daniel Cromelin Verplanck by John Singleton Copley Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

He had an itch right when the painter started??

William Duguid by Prince Demah Barnes Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
10. There is some amazing music stuff.

Even though we were almost arted-out we pressed on through one more section of the museum and it had some pretty amazing things!

A unsymmetrical viola.
Viola Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

An interesting shaped bass clarinet.

Bass Clarinet Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

A drum from the Republic of Congo.

Drum from Republic of Congo Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

And finally, this thing. They called it a gyo and it is from Japan. This instrument is played by striking the head of the tiger three time. Then rubbing a rod across its back which causes it to make a purring noise. I would have loved to hear it but it was under glass so no luck.

Gyo Instrument Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

After all of that we were begging, "Please no more art. Let us have some of that 'fresh' city air!"

Ok, the fountain outside the museum works too!
Foutain Outside Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

I hope you enjoyed my posts about New York City. We have plans to travel to Santiago Chile this summer. I hope you come back to read all about it!

Until then!